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Type Machine
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The Automated Miner is the lazy man's answer to mining.

Why spend all that time down in dangerous caves when with a little EU, and a few bits and pieces, when you can mine ore from the surface!


To run the Automated Miner requires 3 things, with several optional highly recommended things:

Energy: From a cable or portable sources (NOT including Tier II or Tier III energy devices.) Batpacks work. It will only accept 32EU/p

Pipe: Mining Pipe is consumed to dig down. Returned once the miner retracts

Drill bit: Mining Drill or Diamond Drill


Scanner: OD Scanner or OV Scanner | So that it branches off to the sides to mine blocks, instead of just boring a shaft directly down.

Pump: Pump | To collect source water blocks that get in the way of mining, and to clear + store lava in a tank.


The GUI of the Miner. It contains a Diamond Drill, Mining Pipe, OV Scanner, and Ejector Upgrade.

To use the miner insert a Drill Bit into the top-left, a Scanner in the bottom-left and your Mining Pipes into the middle-left.

The miner will consume the pipes to dig down extracting ore it finds in its scan range(See Scanning Range section).

Any ore found will be brought up and stored in the inventory of the Miner. Placing an Ejector Upgrade in the top right slot will make the Miner eject the ores and cobblestone into whatever inventory the Ejector Upgrade is set to eject to.

Once the miner has finished you can retract the pipes by removing the Drill bit.

An easy method of efficiently mining with the Automated Miner is to dig down to the upper level of the strata containing the ore you are seeking. Dig through a tunnel until you find a scan result you are happy with and set up the Miner. For power, consider using a Geothermal Generator, as you are likely to be relatively deep and pumping Lava from a Pump adjacent to the Miner is an energy efficient means to power the Miner.

Scanning range

A miner with an OD Scanner mines all ore in a 5x5 block area around it.

The 5x5 blocks area

However a miner with an OV Scanner mines all ore in a massive 9x9 block area!

The 9x9 blocks area


If the miner hits water or lava while tunneling it will stop unless they are cleared.

Alternatively if you place a Pump next to the miner, it will extract the liquids for you, storing the lava in the tenk for power generation!


Grid Electronic Circuit.png

Grid Chest.png
Grid Machine.png
Grid Mining Pipe.png

Grid Electronic Circuit.png

Grid Miner.png

Energy Costs

Rough power costs for one operation:

Mining Drill: ~450-470 EU

Diamond Drill: ~880-900 EU

OD Scanner: ~65-75 EU

OV Scanner: ~165-190 EU

So the cost to drill down 1 level with a Mining Drill + OD Scanner is ~460+~70 = 530

And the cost to drill down 1 level with a Diamond Drill + OD Scanner is ~890+~70 = 960

Diamond Drills are far more expensive but far faster. ~4 times as fast.


A miner with a Mining Drill and OD Scanner will use ~2-3 EU/t.

A miner with a Diamond Drill and OV Scanner will use ~20-24 EU/t due to the higher cost per tool and faster mining speed.

Other Notes

Miners can not mine through items like torches, redstone wiring etc.

In the 2.X Experimental version of Industrialcraft there is an Advanced Miner with two modes, Blacklist and Whitelist, and it can accept up to High Voltage (512 EU/t), and does not need mining pipe or a mining drill.

Sought after blocks are controlled in the .minecraft/config/IC2.cfg file on the line start with valuableOres=, if you want to add blocks from other mods the list is a comma separated set of blocks following this pattern: blockID-Damage:ScannerValue, ; when the damage value is not specified all possible values match. [1]