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What's this?
THIS ... IS ... SPAR...

No wait, actually not.

Instead, let's call this Mine 4 Dead.

This mod is for people who always complained about Minecraft being WAY too easy. "Of course, 50% of the playtime everything evil will just burn away!" "Creepers? Pah, it's DiamondSword-1-2-Gunpowder."

If you like those quotes, you will like this mod.

It completely overhauls Minecraft Gameplay and is NOT meant to be played on previously generated / building maps!

If you start a new world with this mob, a Shrine (neat, golden, shiny Block, with blessed waterpool) will spawn nearby.

Your first objective is to locate said shrine. Once you completed this incredible difficult task, you should start to gather a few supplies and build something fort-like around the shrine. You got 15 minutes (unless you change this in the config) before the first day ends and night falls.

And then? Now, Nighttime = Evil Mob Wave spawntime!

Each midnight, the time will suddenly slow down, run past and do other mysterious thing, leaving you in a potentially ENDLESS night. This is the result of dark, demonic and herobrinic forces trying to corrupt the world of Minecraft.

The holy shrine can fend these influence off, but will continously loose power. To end the night, you have to find and eliminate all corrupted mobs spawned. Which usually isn't hard, because they tend to come for you, as well. Some mobs are even capable of attacking the shrine, causing it to consume it's power even faste. And you do NOT want to be alive when it's power runs out.

Luckyly, after defeating all mobs, the night will break and a (short!) day will rise. Hurry up to gather some blocks, repair your fort and preparefor the next wave. As well, take note the shrine will regenerate a few HP over day.

And then the next Night falls... Good Luck.

Current Version of M4D is: v0.80_02

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Last but not least the Credits

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(Newest Version)
Latest Updates
  • Fixed Arrows/Spider Web malfunctions caused by MCP-failcompiling. Hate it.

Official M4D-Servers

Official M4D-Server
Version: v0.80_02



Rank Player Name Total Score Wave Shrine HP Screenshot
1. ----- ----- ----- {{{Shrine}}} Score -----.png
2. ----- ----- ----- {{{Shrine}}} Score -----.png
3. ----- ----- ----- {{{Shrine}}} Score -----.png

SMP: (Only up to 4 Players)

Rank Player Names Total Score Wave Shrine HP Screenshot
1. Raikos1337, Poelskie, JaspervRijswijk, Theepicbanana 46356 30 85% Score Raikos1337, Poelskie, JaspervRijswijk, Theepicbanana.png
2. snowkid2themax, Rebel_Smuggler, HDninja 14287 13 15% Score snowkid2themax, Rebel Smuggler, HDninja.png
3. Techmago, Feanturi3, Ranakastrasz, Mjcox03 13187 11 80% Score Techmago, Feanturi3, Ranakastrasz, Mjcox03.png