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Outdated Content: This information is outdated and does not apply to the current version of IC².

Also note that most of the information below was taken from the official forum thread of the server.


Server Info[edit]

Last update - N/A

Ip -

Slots - N/A

Monsters - On

Animals - On

Host - allGamer

Payments - Whitelisted (With additional premium accounts)


Quote.pngKillerbeez wrote:
The server is just as well handled as Industrial Rage, getting support by Alblaka himself. You can read the thread for info on the mod. The server is 100% PvP. This will include theft, destroying buildings and killing etc. Everyone will be able to join Guilds (almost required) so that Castles and the such will be made. If you don't like PvP, this isn't the server/mod for you.

The server is run off donations, as long as I get enough to keep the server running, the server will be free to play. Help pay for the server costs! Server costs $80 a month.


  1. Do not complain in chat for being pvp'd or have your castle wall broken down, it's part of the server. Bitching and moaning is not something people care to hear and will result in a kick and up to a ban if continued.
  2. No pvp/grieving in Salvarden, the spawn town. Outside that though is free game. Breaking this rule will result in a ban. You may not, however, tnt an entire castle just because you can. You may tear down part of a wall to get into said building for a raid, but excessive over the top build grieving will not be allowed.

Premium Accounts[edit]

Donate $10 with the button above and get these benefits!

  1. Only premium users can use personal chests.
  2. Gain xp by an additional 100%.


The following is the simple steps, for a more detailed installation guide, please check the rest of the wiki.

(Grab a clean minecraft.jar, video tutorial coming soon)

1. Install Modloader

2. Install ModloaderMP

3. Install MedievalCraft


Coming soon...

Noteable Members[edit]

Killerbeez - Server Admin

Alblaka - MedievalCraft creator

Feanturi - Wiki Admin