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  • Fixes AnimalGrain creating banhammer


  • Assassin's climbing ability will (on popular demand) only trigger if you're sneaking
  • Over-excessive Assassin-Exp gain while sneaking was reduced
  • Fixed a bug causing level 70+ assassins to fall through ladders
  • Miner does not get experience for punching any sort of Block
  • Added a new Dagger for Assassin, which can be filled with poison by an Alchemist
  • Clay-crafting recipes (of the Builder) now award CLAYBLOCKS instead of balls, effectively a 4x buff
  • Fixed PCs being breakeable by punching them for a few minutes. Now it shoudl take approx 3000 minutes, happy griefing
  • Added 'Alblaka's Toothpick'
  • Server owners can now define a mapborder via config. Do not exceed that border, you will be sorry...
  • New item "Animal Grain" for Beast Talker. I recommend combining it with the Gatherers Trimmer
  • Some rebalances on armors
  • Scaffolds count as extremely-ugly ladders now. I just realised you cant be "inside" scaffolds, thus the code will not work. Nvm, will fix that in the next update...
  • Dropped the idea of implementing SiegeLadders, use Scaffolds instead.
  • Wolves can't be brainwashed that easily anymore (referring to BeastTalkers stealing each other's wolfs with Growler's Tail)
  • Added a temporary solution for the lack of wolves, a Wolfie Diamond
  • Wolf Whistle to order your wolf army around more easyly
  • Fixed crossbow reloading recipe requiring a normal arrow
  • Added a High-Temperature Furance for the Miner, it can process the new item Unrefined Alloy
  • New "Girron" (Alloy) armor set + sword
  • Longsword recipe changed to require Alloy instead of Gold
  • Mobs now are affected by players "visibility" as well, sneaking and carrying Assassin armor reduces their alertness (And now GO AND STAB CREEPERS)
  • Added Foresters Axe recipe (derp)
  • Fixed display of Spikes
  • Fixed a bug "repairing" armor which was dropped due to being not wearable by whoever equipped it
  • Level-Up messages now display the level you just reached
  • Increased Trimmer durability slightly


  • Critical Crash regarding incorrect usage of Tradeboxes fixed


  • Mixer GUI crash fixed. Damn NPE


  • Fixed Clay Crafting and Training Dummy recipe


  • Fixed Notch's MobSpawner Code to NOT spawn desyn'd mobs in SMP anymore


  • Fixed Stone and Iron Shields on Servers
  • Fixed equipped Pumpkins causing crashes
  • Fixed the Mixer GUI display. It's somewhat inaccurate now, though
  • Herbal Bandages can now crafted with every flower
  • MobSpawners now spawn Zombies by default, i will use this to set up a PvE arena :D
  • Entirely useless Hay block
  • DummyBlock for training setups (using Hay as ingrident)
  • Spikes for the SiegeMaster. Impale intruders. And afterwards wipe their blood of the spikes with a waterbucket :D
  • Nerfed Poison. Yes noone complained about it yet, but once you run into a couple of poisoned spikes, you WOULD have noticed why
  • Potions directly applyable to other Living things. Do you remember how difficult it is to retrieve milk from a cow? It's same difficult to apply potions to other people. If you try to poison someone, do it on your own danger. And keep an antidote ready
  • Added some more xxx that can be refined into Alch-Ingridents
  • Sickle,a tool to harvest wheat more realistically
  • Added a couple of server-admin-toggleable premium options on request of killerbeez. Supporting him with this option (so he can decrease the server running costs) is the least i can do for his awesome hosting :D


  • Fixed Builder-exp being to low by adding another early-game-action awarding exp. Feel free to figure it out
  • Builder can now craft clay starting with level 10. However, the recipe will get more efficient on levels 40 and 70
  • Miners can now craft Advanced Furnaces beginning with level 10
  • Said AdvFurnaces won't crash the server anymore or turn into normal furnaces when punched.


  • Fixed GateBlock and Longsword recipe
  • Fixed Bandages-Crafting crashing the server


  • 1.6.6 compatible
  • Finally, after ~6 weeks of work this mod is released.
    Still, it's a prerelease, a few sprites and a couple of functions are still missing. I consider it 95% playable, though, thus the release^^
    Read the instructions, probably read the post and grap a server.
    MedievalRage (Main server) is atm not updated (It's still on the closed beta 0.80) and will hopefully be patched within the next few hours


  • 1.5_01 compatible only
  • is SMP compatible
  • got many stuff and other general changes