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What's this?

This is Medieval Craft, a medieval-themed PvP mod.

Actually it's more like an entire overhaul of Minecraft.

First of all, this mod is most likely incompatible to quite everything else. This can't be prevented, sorry.

As well, it's incredible amount of basefile modifications makes it a pain to port, thus i will preserve the right to SKIP minecraft versions if i don't recognize their respective patch as useful.

Back to content...

MedievalCraft adds a whole new array of blocks & items, as well as entirely new functions and concepts.

First of all, a RPG-like, dynamic leveling system. Each of the 10 classes has special abilitys and an own set of crafting recipes.

As well, it's possible to level multiple classes to combine their abilitys into whatever you need. These classes are NOT solely made around combat,

but some of them are designed as effective ressource gatherers, explorers or traders.

A list of new Concepts:

  • Poison
  • (De)Buffs
  • 2nd Health bar
  • More realistic archery
  • Stealth
  • MORE

Keep in mind this is a PvP focus'd mod! SSP will most likely be quite boring.

Current Version of MeC is: v0.99375_02

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Last but not least the Credits

Support the developer Alblaka of MedievalCraft with a small Donation :)

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(Newest Version)
Latest Updates
  • Fixes AnimalGrain creating banhammer

  • Assassin's climbing ability will (on popular demand) only trigger if you're sneaking
  • Over-excessive Assassin-Exp gain while sneaking was reduced
  • Fixed a bug causing level 70+ assassins to fall through ladders
    Read More

  • Critical Crash regarding incorrect usage of Tradeboxes fixed

Official MeC-Servers

Medieval Craft • MedievalRage