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List of general changes:

  • Industrial Diamond.png Food won't instantly heal anymore, but aply a slow heal-over-time effect, making it less useful for direct fights. Otherwise, Alchemists heal potions would be useless.
  • Industrial Diamond.png TNT can only be crafted by Master Miners, making the most devastive weapon of Minecraft unobtainable for new players / griefers, as well as limiting it's use.
  • Industrial Diamond.png Recode the WorkBench to include Class-specific limitations for recipes. (Aka: Class stuff can only be crafted by players with that class)
  • Industrial Diamond.png Rebalance of Tool Types. Iron is now an exclusive tool category for specific classes. F.e. only Warriors can use iron swords, only Miners can use Iron Pickaxes, etc. In redo, Gold is now a valid alternative, being close to Iron level. Diamond is quite like Iron, but useable by everyone (thus, an expensive "I'm not supposed to use that tool" -variant). Don't forget new advanced tools will be implemented to replace the diamond-lack.
  • Industrial Diamond.png Armors are recoded to work different. As well, normal players wont be able to wear Iron armor, which will be the most effective one, restricting real armor ability to Warriors.
  • Industrial Diamond.png Various changes on the way bows work: Bows now have a "recoil". Rapidly spamming arrows will make your accuracy and range go down VASTLY. As well, moving while shooting will reduce accuracy as well. Bow was overally nerfed to prevent it from being an imbalanced weapon in later castle fights. Archer class can easyly neglect this nerf and score some neat shots.
  • Industrial Diamond.png Implemented books as source of level'ing up.
  • Industrial Diamond.png People move slower the more stuff they carry in their inventory. he slow effect is 1.2% per item in the inventory (does NOT account stuff in action bar). Traders get a large bonus, not encountering any speedloss on lvl 100. Miners and Gatherers get a slight boost.
  • Industrial Diamond.png Custom icons to display different applied effects (f.e. Poison or Potions)
  • Industrial Diamond.png Reduced distance in which playernames are displayed by far. Don't snipe your teammates.
  • Sponge.png Hiring Mercanery-NPCs
  • Sponge.png Some sort of teaming up / Guild-Mode / Team-Deathmatch