Mass Fabricator

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Mass Fabricator
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Type Machine

Stackable Yes (64)

Technical Details
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The Mass Fabricator is an advanced machine that requires 1,000,000 EU to generate Matter. It is a considerably high-cost piece of technology that is capable of producing Matter. This material in return is capable of creating almost everything in Minecraft itself, with exceptions (i.e. Bedrock)

Scrap will greatly increase the speed and reduce the cost of the fabricator. The blueprints of Matter are secret due to the technology being relatively new. NOTE: The machine requires electricity in order to consume the material as well. It will not rely on said material for power at all.

Currently, this is the only machine that is capable of accepting High Voltage from an HV Transformer directly. If your mass fabricator is far away from your power source, this would be ideal. However, keep in mind that inadvertently using the Extreme Voltage side of the HV Transformer "will cause an explosion of considerable force, similar to a nuke" according to Manito.

Sending a redstone signal to the mass fabricator will stop it from consuming power.


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Input 1,000,000
Output -
Storage 1,000,000

Maximum Input: 2560+ EU/t (haven't tested higher than this no.) before exploding