Mass Fabricator

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Outdated Content: This information is outdated and does not apply to the current version of IC².

Mass Fabricator
Mass Fabricator ig.png
Grid Mass Fabricator.png
Type Machine
Tool Grid Wrench.png

Stackable Yes (64)

Energy Consumption
Max EU Input 512 EU/t (HV)
EU Use 1 000 000 EU/t
1 000 000 EU per UU-matter
166,666 EU when using scrap
Technical Details
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First appearance ?
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The Mass Fabricator is an advanced machine that requires 1,000,000 EU to generate Matter (also known as UU-Matter [Universal-Usable Matter]). It is a considerably high-cost piece of technology that is capable of producing Matter. This material in return is capable of creating almost everything in Minecraft itself, with exceptions (e.g. Bedrock).

Scrap will greatly increase the speed and reduce the cost of the fabricator by 6 times. Scrap is consumed in the process; a total of 34 scrap is needed to create matter at maximum efficiency. To produce enough scrap to run the fabricator constantly, you need one recycler for every 17.86 EU/t input (approximately). To automatically feed scrap to the fabricator, you need to hook up the chest or Buildcaft piping to the underside of the fabricator. The matter can be extracted from any side.

NOTE: The Mass Fabricator will NOT pull scrap on its own from a chest attached to the bottom.

The blueprints of Matter are not a secret (since you can find them anywhere in the internet but the wiki), but confidential due to the technology being relatively new.

NOTE: The machine requires electricity in order to consume the material as well. It will not rely on said material for power at all.

Currently, this and the terraformer are the only machines that are capable of accepting High Voltage from an HV Transformer or MFSU directly. If your mass fabricator is far away from your power source, this would be ideal. However, keep in mind that inadvertently using the Extreme Voltage side of the HV Transformer "will cause an explosion of considerable force, similar to a nuke" according to Manito.

Sending a redstone signal to the mass fabricator will stop it from consuming power.


Grid Glowstone Dust.png
Grid Advanced Machine.png
Grid Glowstone Dust.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Lapotron Crystal.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Glowstone Dust.png
Grid Advanced Machine.png
Grid Glowstone Dust.png
Grid Matter Generator.png

You need:

  1. Grind the coal, copper ore, iron ore, and tin ore into dusts in a Macerator. Create an Energy Crystal.
  2. Combine 3 tin dust with 9 copper dust to produce 6 bronze dust. Use the coal dust to produce 8 Carbon Fibers. Smelt all of the remaining dusts as well as the bronze dust you just created.
  3. Create 24 Copper Cables. Smelt the iron to Refined Iron. Combine the Carbon Fibers to 4 Carbon Mesh and compress it to 4 Carbon Plates.
  4. Create 4 Electronic Circuits, two Machine Blocks, and 4 Mixed Metal Ingots. Compress the Mixed Metal Ingots to produce 4 Advanced Alloy plates.
  5. Create 2 Advanced Circuits, 2 Advanced Machines, and a Lapotron Crystal.
  6. You can now create your Mass Fabricator.


Input 1,000,000 (166,666 with scrap)
Output -
Storage 1,000,000 (166,666 with scrap)

Maximum Input: HV (512 EU packets) on any one face. Note that this is only a packet size limit - you can have an unlimited number of cables feeding one face of the machine, and an unlimited amount of packets going through one cable, so long as no packet is greater than 512 EU.


This is it. The most advanced piece of technology available IN THE UNIVERSE, HAYO!
It can perform basic energy into PURE MATTER. Actually, even into highly industrial Universal-Useable Matter.
Feed it enormous amounts of energy, and it will compress the energy via e=mc² into UUM. UUM can be transformed into quite any resource known to humanity simply by putting it in a certain pattern onto your workbench. Epicness at its best.
Due to being under research, currently there is no archive about which pattern could result in what, though.
One of our scientists claims that feeding a certain material into the Mass Fabricator could cause it to work much faster.
This material would need to be something which can be produced from ANYTHING, to contain the required molecular atom - stuff, needed by the Mass Fabricator.
I wouldn't believe this statement, though.


  • The maximum input of a Mass Fabricator is 1 million EU/t in 512 EU-p as it would complete 1 operation in 1 tick (the maximum in Minecraft).
  • The mass fabricator used to be called a Matter Generator.