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What's this?
Now, Minecraft has three Elements.

Mine, mine and craft.

1. Mine = it's YOUR world

2. Mine = mine ressources

3. Craft = craft things

Which one is the major point is left open for discussion. However, for ME the main point is MINING and CRAFTING.

Therefore, i created a mod that enhanches both:

Industrial Crafts adds various new blocks, items and devices, supposed to advance the industrial aspect of Minecraft to the next level. You get better Furnances, new fuels, electric energy and some more stuff further explained below.

All new add-ons are supposed to be balanced and should usually be balanced, as well. If you think some parts of the mod are just overpowered, post it here, discuss it and it will may be changed.

Please take note, that this is a Tier 2 Mod. Tier 2 means, quite all new blocks/items/recipes are not useable right at the start of a new world, but take quite a decent amount of ressources. You can, of course, start a new world, but if you want to test the new thingies right away, i recommend loading a advanced world (where you already possess some ressources).

However, keep in mind that a loaded world will be modified and cannot be used without the mod anymore (make some Backups). As well, you will need to explore new chunks and build new mines to find Tin/Copper Ore, as it needs new chunks to be generated.

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(Newest Version)
With the friendly assistance of Updates
Instructions and crafting PDF v6.37

- Fixes Personal Chests forgetting their owner upon said owner-relogging.


-Fixes new crash caused by 6.35


-Fixes Energy-O-Mat not opening it's GUI in SMP

-Damaged items, this includes all dyes and wools (as these use "damage" to determine their color" can not be used in any O-Mat machine anymore. This is a temporary fix until i recoded the engine to work with damaged items, properly.

-Personal Chests do work. Forgot to implement the new code server-sided, derp

-Minor rework on the redstone-emitting of energy-o-mats. It's still vastly bugged, though.

Return (String) System.getNewsOfTheDay();
The Navigation Template was updated and looks now much better. Thanks to kiko.
The personal chests work, but if the server crashed, the owner will be reseted.


Industrial Rage
Version: V2.8.187

Gults Gorge IP: Version: V2.8.187

Ceto (24/7-Texas[dedicated]) IP: (Mostly static...) Version: V2.8.187 Whitelist

OutlandCraft IP: Version: V2.8.187 Graylist

MineKraft IP: Version: V2.8.187 No-Whitelist