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#REDIRECT [[Basic Machine Casing]]
|stackable=Yes (64)
The '''Machine Block''' is a crucial component in most IC² recipes. It is made out of 8 [[Refined Iron]], and can be turned back into it through crafting, in case one wants to regain the Refined Iron used to create it.
== Recipe ==
|{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=Refined Iron|B1=Refined Iron|C1=Refined Iron
|A2=Refined Iron|C2=Refined Iron
|A3=Refined Iron|B3=Refined Iron|C3=Refined Iron
|{{Grid/Crafting Table
|Output=Refined Iron|OA=8
== HAYO ==
These multi-purpouse tools, known as Leet-Block M60, are the core element of ANY industrial device. In fact, they contain countless mechanisms, which can be easyly adjusted to everyone's needs. You could possibly even craft it into a cake-generator, but hey, who would need one? Not me and therefore i don't have any blueprints for that kind of thingy, HAYO!

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