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Macerator ig.png
Grid Macerator.png
Type Machine
Tool  ?
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Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
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The Macerator is a all purpose grinding machine, capable of breaking down many ores and other items into their base components.

For example, the Macerator turns one Tin Ore to two Tin Dust, each of which can be smelted into a Tin Ingot.

It uses either a direct Cable connection or an energy storage item (Single-use Battery or RE Battery).


Grid Flint.png
Grid Cobblestone.png

Grid Flint.png
Grid Machine.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Flint.png
Grid Cobblestone.png

Grid Macerator.png


It reduces ores and other items into something more useful (usually)

Grid Copper Ore.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid Copper Dust.png

Copper Dust

Copper Dust

Grid Gravel.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid Flint.png


Input 625 (2 EU/s)
Output -
Storage 625