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Macerator ig.png
Grid Macerator.png
Type Machine
Tool Grid Wrench.png
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Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
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Energy Consumption
Max EU Input 32 EU/t (LV)
EU Use 2 EU/t
800 EU per item
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EU Storage 800 EU
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This. is generic purpose grinding machine, capable of breaking down blocks and items into something more usefull or increase output.

For example, the Macerator grinds down one Tin Ore into two Tin Dust, each of which can be smelted into a Tin Ingot.

Cobble can be grinded to sand, gravel to flint.

It uses either a direct Cable connection or an energy storage item (Single-use Battery or RE Battery).

Video Tutorial


Grid Flint.png
Grid Cobblestone.png

Grid Flint.png
Grid Machine.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Flint.png
Grid Cobblestone.png

Grid Macerator.png


It reduces ore blocks (and Clay blocks) into 2 Dusts, metal ingots into 1 Dust, Coal into 1 Coal Dust, Spider Eyes into 2 Grin Powder, Coffee Beans into 3 Coffee Powder, Glowstone Blocks into 4 Glowstone Dusts, Blaze Rods into 5 Blaze Powder, Bones into 5 Bone Meal and Plantballs into 8 Dirt Blocks. It can grind Cobblestone and Sandstone into Sand. It can also convert Stone into Cobblestone, Gravel into Flint, Wool into String and Ice into Snowball.

Grid Copper Ore.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid Copper Dust.png

Copper Dust

Copper Dust

Grid Cobblestone.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid Sand.png

Grid Gravel.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid Flint.png

Grid Wool.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid String.png


Input 800 (2 EU/t)
Output -
Storage 800 EU

Maximum Input Power: 32 EUP before exploding.


As of v1.337, the Macerator gives off dust particle effects while in use.


The grinding pressure of the Macerator is kept at a modest 50 gibbl.

Did you ever feel like life was being unfair to you?

Did you ever feel angered about your neighbour miner finding loads of minerals whereas you didn't?

Now, did you ever take a look at his work station?

Do you want to know why he had giant loads of valuable ingots to craft into more awesome stuff?


Stupid people (this does not apply to custumers or everyone reading this, but to everyone you personally dislike) smelt ore. What a shameful waste. You just smelt some ore out of the rock and then trash the remains? Nah, only idiots do that.

Every Pro Miner knows, that 50% of a rock's mineral deposits are surrounded by massive rock and can't be obtained by smelting.

For this problem, we invented the Maceratron-E-901!

It uses the combined force of smart technology and brute force to break open every even so small part of stone, effectively doubling the efficiency of gaining ore. It takes some time, but will completely waste-free and 100%-sure turn the entire ore-rock into dust and then automatically filter the useless stone out. As a result, it will return you high-quality ore-dust of whatever material you dropped in there.

And, you may guess it, this dust can be smolten into ingots! Isn't that great? You can easyly DOUBLE your entire ore production. Don't hesitate, BUY NOW, HAYO!