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#REDIRECT [[Transformer#MV-Transformer]]
|stackable=Yes (64)
The MV Transformer is used to turn '''High Power''' (512 [[EU#EU-Packet|EUP]]) into '''Medium Power''' (128 EUP) and back. This is useful for powering advanced machines and for medium-range energy transport.
By default, the Transformer accepts 512 [[EU#EU-Packet|EUP]] input and outputs 128 EUP. A 512 EUP or higher rated [[cable]] must be wired into the input face (the 3-dotted one) and 128 EUP or higher rated cable must be wired into the other faces.
Transformers have two modes - "step up" and "step down". By default, the transformer will be in step up mode when it receives a redstone signal, and step down mode otherwise. This can be changed in the GUI.
With default settings a Redstone signal may be applied to reverse the conversion, thereby emitting 512 [[EU#EU-Packet|EUP]] from the output face (the 3-dotted one), and accepting 128 EUP or lower from the input faces. In reverse operation, 512 EUP or higher rated [[cable]] must be wired to the output face and any rate cable may be wired to the input faces.
It can handle a maximum of one conversion per tick, limiting the maximum transfer to 512 [[EU#EU/t|EU/t]] in either mode.
== Recipe ==
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=|B1=Insulated Copper Cable|C1=
|A3=|B3=Insulated Copper Cable|C3=
|Output=MV Transformer
See: [http://crafting-guide.com/item/mv_transformer Crafting Guide]
== Usage ==
When using any Transformer, remember that the 3-dotted side means '''higher current''' and the 1-dotted sides mean '''lower current'''. You can change the direction the 3-dotted side is facing by right-clicking a 1-dotted face with a [[Wrench]].
=== Converting to MV: ===
In order to convert from HV to MV, you must point the [[Cable|cable]] carrying HV from a [[HV Transformer]] or [[MFS Unit]] to the 3-dotted side and then link a cable that can carry MV to one of the sides with a single dot. Then that cable will be carrying MV that you can link to advanced machines, store in a [[MFE Transmitter]] or convert to LV with an [[LV Transformer]].
=== Converting to HV: ===
In order to convert from MV to HV, point the cable carrying MV from a [[MFE Transmitter]] or a [[LV Transformer]] to one of the one-dotted sides and then link a cable that can carry HV to the 3-dotted side. '''Do not forget to apply redstone''' to the MV Transformer.
{{Energy|Input=128 or 512|Output=128 or 512|Storage=-}}

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