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#REDIRECT [[Nuclear fuel#MOX Nuclear Fuel]]
'''MOX Nuclear Fuel''' is used to create [[Fuel Rod (MOX)|MOX fuel rods]] for use in a [[Nuclear Reactor]].
After you've processed all your uranium ore and have tons of U-238 left over but no U-235, this is what you make!  Just centrifuge some [[Fuel Rod (Depleted Uranium)|depleted fuel rods]] to get the [[plutonium]] you need and you'll be well on your way to possibly not exploding your reactor.
== Crafting ==
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=Uranium 238 |B1=Uranium 238 |C1=Uranium 238
|A2=Plutonium |B2=Plutonium |C2=Plutonium
|A3=Uranium 238 |B3=Uranium 238 |C3=Uranium 238
|Output=MOX Nuclear Fuel
== Uses ==
{{Grid/Canning Machine
|can=Fuel Rod (Empty)
|input=MOX Nuclear Fuel
|output=Fuel Rod (MOX)
|battery=RE Battery (Charged)

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