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#REDIRECT [[EU storage block#MFSU]]
|storage=40 million
The Multi-Functional Storage Unit, or MFSU, is a Tier 4 energy storage device. It is able to store up to 40 million [[EU]] (making it capable of powering multiple [[Teleporter|teleportations]], running a [[Mass Fabricator]], or directly storing power from most [[Nuclear Reactor]]s). It can accept up to 2048 EU/p from its 5 input faces (the faces without dots). It can also emit a current of 2048EU/p from its output face (the face with a dot).
Like all storage units, its output face is marked by a special texture, which usually faces the player when the block is placed. The direction of the output face can be changed by right-clicking with a [[Wrench]] onto any of the input faces of the block; normally, this will point the output face towards the player, but holding Shift while clicking will point the output face in the opposite direction. Be aware that right-clicking the MFSU while pointing at its output face will dismantle it.
Notice: Most machines cannot handle 2048 [[EU|EU/t]], so they explode. Multiple [[transformer upgrade|Transformer Upgrades]] must be used in order for most machines to safely accept MFSU power.
== Recipe ==
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=Lapotron Crystal|B1=Advanced Circuit|C1=Lapotron Crystal
|A2=Lapotron Crystal|B2=MFE Unit|C2=Lapotron Crystal
|A3=Lapotron Crystal|B3=Advanced Machine|C3=Lapotron Crystal
|Output=MFS Unit
See: [http://crafting-guide.com/item/mfsu Crafting Guide]
|Input=Max 2048 EU/t
|Output=2048 EU/t
|Storage=40 000 000}}
*The Multi-functional storage unit is the highest tier of storage unit.
*Each diamond in an MFE can store an average of 250,000 EU, while each diamond in the MFSU is capable of storing 1 million EU.
*Crafting a MFSU requires: 40 diamonds and 50 redstone for the [[Energy Crystal|crystals]], 54 lapis and 12 [[Advanced Circuit|advanced circuits]] for upgrading 6 energy crystals to [[Lapotron Crystal|lapotron crystals]], 1 [[machine]] block, 1 [[Advanced Machine|advanced machine]] block, 1 advanced circuit and 4 [[Gold Cable|gold cables]] for the rest.
*This is the only storage unit, out of 4, that stores less energy than the sum of its component does.

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