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Luminator ig.png
Grid Luminator.png
Type Block
Tool  ?
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Stackable Yes (64)
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Do you know what you can use all that power for other than heavy machinery?

Use it to create LIGHT, with the Luminator!

Luminators are machines coated in some stylish-looking glass that emit light when supplied with current. They change shape depending on the surface they're placed on: small squares on the ceiling, rectangles on a wall, and large squares on the floor or connected to a cable.

Of course creating light takes energy and so the Luminator will use 0.25 EU/t from an internal 10K EU storage (about 2 days worth of light). It can draw power from a connected power cable or be recharged manually by right clicking with a RE Battery or energy crystal (but not a Lapotron Crystal). Be careful, as right clicking a luminator can also suck the power right out of a wielded power tool such as a drill—and the tool won't recharge from your BatPack.

Luminators will not draw power when connected directly to the output face of a Batbox or LV Transformer; they must be connected directly to a cable. For a more subtle look, wire your cables and attach luminators before covering the cables in construction foam from a CF Sprayer.


Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Glass.png
Grid Glass.png
Grid Insulated Copper Cable.png
Grid Tin Cable.png
Grid Glass.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Glass.png
Grid Glass.png
Grid Luminator.png




Input 0.25 EU/t
Output -
Storage 10,000

Maximum Input: 32 EU/t before exploding