Jetpack Attachment Plate

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The Jetpack Attachment Plate is an interface between standard body armor and an Electric Jetpack, allowing flight without sacrificing personal protection.


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The Jetpack Attachment Plate is used by crafting it (shapelessly) with any chest-wearable item and an Grid Electric Jetpack.png Electric Jetpack. This will output a new version of the wearable item with the jetpack attached (via named binary tags, or NBT). This will not do anything to change other properties of the armor, so it will still behave normally in all other respects - taking damage (or not), protecting the wearer from radiation, storing Construction Foam, or other things (many other things, in the case of some mods' items). With the Jetpack Attachment Plate, even the lowliest of chestplates can offer their wearer the freedom of flight - for a reasonable material cost.

Attaching to EU-capacity items

Attaching a jetpack to IC² wearable energy storage (Grid Batpack.pngGrid Advanced Batpack.pngGrid Energypack.png) will not increase its total storage amount. However, the attached jetpack has access to the full amount of the item's storage, meaning that instead of 30K EU, it has an operating limit of 60K, 600K, or 2M EU, respectively. The same is true for Grid Nano-Bodyarmor.png NanoSuit Bodyarmor, which will give the jetpack 1M EU storage in addition to providing excellent protection. The only thing longer-lasting than these is the jetpack integrated into the Grid Quantum-Bodyarmor.png QuantumSuit Bodyarmor with its 10M EU capacity, which is of course far more expensive to craft. (A second jetpack cannot be attached, unfortunately.)


Since the jetpack is a power tier 1 item, armor with an attached jetpack can be recharged by using any EU storage block or EU charging block, or by placing it in the action bar with any EU charging item equipped. There are a few exceptions to this:

  • Attaching a jetpack does not change existing power tiers; the Advanced Batpack is still power tier 2 and the Energypack and NanoSuit Bodyarmor are still power tier 3.
  • EU charging items cannot charge the Advanced Batpack, Energypack, and currently uncraftable[2.6.121-ex110] Grid LapPack.png Lappack once a jetpack is attached, even when they are placed in the action bar. (The regular Batpack still works, so this may be a bug.)


Have we got a deal for you!

You see this fancy little design we have here? Expensive-looking, takes some of your hard-earned Iridium?

It's not just any money sink widget - this is a genuine SuperSecure Jetpack Fast-Connector X-110!

How secure, you ask? Just sandwich the SSJFC between one of our most excellent jetpacks and whatever dirty old thing you're wearing, and - HAYO! It'll take more Gibbl than you can imagine to pry it off! How's that for secure? (And trust us, the last thing you want to be thinking about when you're hovering in the clouds is whether or not your jetpack's going to come loose!)

Just don't forget to keep your new gadget charged up, because it doesn't come with flight insurance!
And no, it still doesn't have in-flight food suppliers, either! Maybe you should stop being such a frikkin' cheapskate and make a QuantumSuit Helmet instead!