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California arrest records about a specific person are available and can be obtained relatively easy. It will contain information that can be used for various reasons. You will find out when the arrest happened, where it happened and what the person did to be arrested.

Many people obtain such records for several uses. Some people obtain the records for personal reference. Some can also use the records when applying for a job or licenses. Some institutions and counties will require the record before you get to obtain a gun license or driver?s license. Another use of such record is for applying for foreign adoption, passport and visa/immigration. You don?t have to be ?arrested? just to get the record. You can obtain a record to show that you have never been arrested at all and it will help your application immensely.

The records can be obtained from the California Department of Justice. This is made possible because of the state public records act. Provisions in the California constitution also allow you to access public information.

You don?t have to worry about ordinary people getting your record though; the records can only be given to specific people, agencies and companies. It will be easy for you to obtain your own records but you can?t just ask if your neighbor was arrested for a specific crime unless if granted by the court. Companies doing background checks on employees and applicants can apply for such records within reason and under oath of confidentiality. Some agencies may easily obtain such records for legal Riverside County Arrest Records Instant Search purposes such as the police force and military.

You can visit the department of justice in California to obtain records of arrests. Before going to the DOJ, prepare important information first. If requesting for your own record, bring identification with you such as valid IDs, birth certificate, SSN etc. If you?re looking for a specific arrest, you need the location and subject matter or arrest. Dates of the incident may also be needed. After submitting your request at the DOJ, you need to wait at least 10 to 14 days for a reply. Usually, records are released after just 2 to 3 days. However, if you?re records can?t be found after 14 days, the DOJ will give you a release date so just wait patiently. Costs for requesting your records can be just 10 cents per page. However if you require digitizing or encoding your records or retrieval from their electronic storage, costs for printing, faxing and encoding will be charged.

To make things easier, you can use the online request form for the arrest record so you don?t have to visit DOJ personally. After a set number of days you can just go to DOJ to pick up your records and pay the required fees. Sometimes you don?t have the luxury to obtain records at the DOJ. Thankfully there are websites that offer arrest records online for specific cases. An example would be the sex Free Riverside County Arrest Records offenders online databases. They provide real time search for sex offenders near you. Online records database are very important so that you can be informed of potential threats.