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Hello, fellow consumer of GregTech Intergalactical. Here is almost all information about my devices, and materials.

I have the habit of planning "too much" things to implement at once, resulting in some plans not being processed for a while. :P


1. Install IC² properly (this is the most important step, make sure you did it right)

2. (optional but strongly recommended) Install an IC²-compatible version of NEI properly

3. Drop downloaded zip into "mods" folder

4. Play

Note: I change/remove/replace many recipes of IC², so in case you don't find them, look them up in NEI (not Craftguide). The NEI plugins for other mods, like Railcraft, should be installed too, as I change the Mixed Metal Ingots to use the Rolling Machine instead of the Crafting Table. Edit: Newer Versions use the Plate Bending Machine + regular Crafting.

Note²: As of 2.06a the Industrial Electrolyzer replaces the Centrifuge for many of the here mentioned recipes. The recipes themselves are the same as for the Centrifuge, but they are about 10 times faster.

World Gen

Ruby spawns in Desert biomes (and some similar EBXL biomes / Biomes O' Plenty biomes / Twilight Forest Biomes). While mining it, it can happen to spawn Red Garnet, but it doesn't happen when you use Macerators for the ore instead of regularily/fortune mining it. It's spawn rate is EXACTLY the same as Emeralds in Extreme Hills Biome!!! dont ask for that, go to the Minecraft Wiki, if you need this Information. Same for the Sapphire Ore.

Sapphire spawns in Ocean biomes (and some other Biomes of the 3 Mods mentioned above). Sapphire Ore has a chance to drop Green Sapphires. Their dusts have just to be centrifuged to get the green impurities out of them. Also they can't be used in Lapotron Crystals.

Silver spawns everywhere like Gold, but the veins are a tiny bit smaller. Silver contains small amounts of Lead, which you can get by centrifuging Silver Dust. Edit: Silver has been changed to be Galena Ore, which is a combination of Silver, Sulfur and Lead. You need now quite some infrastructure to process it. Also it spawns 2-3 times larger than Gold veins now.

Bauxite spawns in Forest and Plains biomes (and also some other alike Biomes), in VERY large amounts. Bauxite is used to get Aluminium and Titanium with an Industrial Electrolyzer. It spawns especially in the upper Layers and you won't find it when Diamond Mining.

Iridium spawns in really rare amounts as a single ore-block. Rarity is configurable. Default IridiumProbability=20 ~1 ore every 5 chunks. If you somehow happen to find Platinium Dust (maybe from other mods), then you can centrifuge it to get its Iridium inpurities from it.

Pyrite spawns in Hell biomes (Nether or Mystcraft Hell worlds) and has a gaussian random rarity, so you can find chunks with craptons of it and chunks with just 2 ores per vein. If you centrifuge its dust, then you get 2/3 Sulfur and 1/3 Iron. The Saltpeter for the Gunpowder commonly comes from centrifuging Soulsand, or from Railcraft's Saltpeter Ore.

Sphalerite is another Nether-ore. You can get Zinc (to create Brass) and Sulfur from processing it. It also drops additional Zinc Dust sometimes.

Cinnabar also spawns in Hell biomes, but it's much rarer than the other Nether-ores. You can make Mercury Cells (Quicksilver Dust at that hellish temperature? I don't think so) and Sulphur from processing it. Ocassionally drops Redstone sometimes.

Tungstate, Olivine, Sodalite and Sheldonite are spawning in the End, inside Asteroids and of course on the Main-Platform of the Enderdragon.

Asteroids are generating in the End. Those are rare (every 100th Chunk), and are in every 25th case large and have many resources. They can generate at ANY Height between 10 and 246, and are hard to spot on low render distance, or with bad graphics cards. Hint: Frames from Redpower make good space ships and mobile mining platforms, if Redpower would be up to date earlier.

Newer Forum Post regarding rarity and other world gen.[1]

Note, that the biomes of "Extra Biomes XL", "Biomes O' Plenty" and "Twilight Forest" are listed in my Worldgen code, so that you can find your ores also there in some biomes. There is only one biome which contains 2 or more of the biome dependant ores at once (I'm not gonna tell ya), every biome gets either one specific ore, or no specific ore.

As of my plans for MC-1.5.X I will add up to 16 Dirt-based ores to the game, which contain nuggets of diffrent ores, so that you could wash Gold Nuggets out of rivers for example. *reminds on doing that*

EAQ (excessivelyaskedquestions)

Q: Why can't I craft mixed metal ingots/advanced alloy?

A: Use the Railcraft Rolling Machine. The Rolling Machine recipe is enabled by default in the config {MMIngotOnlyRollingMachine=true}. Or in later Versions the Plate Bending Machine.

Q: Can you add a config for _________?

A: Never ask for a config which already exists. Look at the new config before making any suggestion. If the config you are asking for is not already there, then I might accept your suggestion.


Here is a File which contains the most recent normal Recipes, if there is any kind of conflict to the ones mentioned below, then the File on the Link is the most recent one, as I update it a few Minutes before releasing the newest Version. [2]

Even that File can be depricated! NEI is a must have.

New Reactor Components

The addon also adds new components for the Nuclear Reactor!

Helium Coolant Cells:

These are crafted like regular Coolant Cells, but with He-Cells. They can absorb 6 times more heat than their water Counterparts

60K Helium Coolant Cell

Grid Tin.png

Grid Tin.png
Grid Tin.png

Grid Tin.png

180K Helium Coolant Cell

Grid Tin.png
Grid Tin.png
Grid Tin.png
Grid Tin.png
Grid Tin.png
Grid Tin.png

360K Helium Coolant Cell

Grid Tin.png
Grid Tin.png
Grid Tin.png
Grid Dense Copper Plate.png
Grid Tin.png
Grid Tin.png
Grid Tin.png

Iridium Neutron Reflectors:

8 Thick Reflectors + 1 Iridium Plate and you get an indestructible Neutron Reflector.

Grid Thick Neutron Reflector.png
Grid Thick Neutron Reflector.png
Grid Thick Neutron Reflector.png
Grid Thick Neutron Reflector.png
Grid Iridium Plate.png
Grid Thick Neutron Reflector.png
Grid Thick Neutron Reflector.png
Grid Thick Neutron Reflector.png
Grid Thick Neutron Reflector.png

Plutonium Cells:

Obtained by centrifuging large amounts of Uranium Dust, this cell produces twice as much energy, twice as much heat and lasts 2 times longer, than a regular Uranium Cell. So it effectively produces FOUR times more EU than Uranium! It also produces 2 pulses per tick instead of 1, making it the most effective breeding component.

Plutonium Cells can be crafted into dual and quad cells. Uses the same recipe as Uranium dual and quad cells, just replace the Uranium with Plutonium.

Highly efficient Plutonium can produce more energy for less heat than other materials, making Plutonium ideal for energy production.

Thorium Cells:

produced as a byproduct of centrifuging Uranium, these cells produce 50% as much EU as Uranium, but spread over a 2.5 times longer lifetime. They produce 1/5 of the heat/second of a regular Uranium Cell, so it's much easier to manage Longtime-Reactors. By the way, the best setup for them is putting 2 Quad Thorium Cells and 6 Iridium Neutron Reflectors, together with tons of Reactor Heat Vents into a six chamber Reactor. So you will get an easily auto-refuelable Reactor with components that will never run out (except the fuel of course).

Thorium can also be produced by just centrifuging Depleted Uranium Cells at a 2:1 ratio, however breeding Uranium Cells is still better.

Thorium Cells can be crafted into dual and quad cells. Uses the same recipe as Uranium dual and quad cells, just replace the Uranium with Thorium and the Dense Copper Plates with regular Copper Plates.

Before MC 1.5, Thorium produced more heat for less energy than other materials, but it is also able to produce more neutron pulses for less heat, making it ideal for breeder reactors. That got nerfed drastically in more recent versions as Thorium outputs only every fifth tick. The Computer Cube displays the average EU/t of a Thorium Reactor, the packet size is up to 5 times larger!

All Machines

All of my more complex Machines need to be CONSTANTLY powered with the required amount of EU. When the Machine doesn't get the required amount of EU/t to perform an operation, it will lose its progress. But that's not all. The Machine will WASTE all the power you input, no matter if it's enough to power the machine. So if you have a bad Workshop/Factory then it could waste millions of EU, without producing anything. Especially, if you get the stupid idea of overclocking your Machines.

If you don't want that behaviour, then just disable it in the Config.

WARNING: All the electric Machines are quite fragile. As soon as one gets removed without using a Wrench (no 100%-Mode needed, it won't explode if the Wrench fails) it explodes. But that Explosion is quite dangerous! First of all, the explosion could cause other Machines, which are close by, to explode too (Super Chain Reaction), what is "great", when happening in your Workshop/Factory. Second, a Machine emits one pulse of Quad-EV (and before that also some smaller pulses of 32, 128, 512 and 2048 EU), which fries ALL your Machines and Cables, letting them explode, no matter if it's an IC²-Machine or one of my Machines.

Think twice before trying to move your Base, as you may get exploded, when doing something wrong (and ONLY when doing something wrong! So it's 100% YOUR fault when your Base explodes, not mine).

Since 1.5.1 added Hoppers and a better ISidedInventory, Machines have diffrent ISidedInventory Rules. Most work with the following Concept:

Top/Bottom = Primary Input Sides = Secondary Input All Facings = Output

Yes, you heard correctly. You can grab the output at any Side you want, without having to worry about extracting the Input!

As of 3.06a it doesnt even matter from which side you Input which Items at all. Everything enters the correct slot automatically.

As of 3.07c the Wrench was revolutionized. You click the machine with something the machine considers a Wrench (there is a Wrench registry for that) and depending on where you click on the Texture the Machine will get rotated to the selected Side. It is simple, just click the Corners of the Side Texture to rotate it to the opposite Side, the middle to rotate it to the Side you clicked on, and the four Borders to rotate to their respective Sides and if the Side you rotate it to, is already the Side you selected then the Machine will drop itself. The Wrench will then get drained/damaged by the Machine, depending on which of these Actions has been performed (either 1, 3 or 10 Damage, or 1000, 3000 or 10000 EU). And since the Machines decide what to do, the Omniwrench can't do anything wrong. Also the Wrenches are automatically loss-less due to that.

Note: Only Tools, which can get damaged or drained are able to be used as Wrench, so if the Omniwrench stays "unbreakable" as it is right now, then it can't even be registered as a Wrench. Same for all those BC Wrenches.

Every Machine is now upgradable:

To insert an Upgrade just right-click the Machine with it. There is a limit of 16 normal Upgrades per Machine, not counting special Upgrades like Heating Coils as those Upgrades replace things inside a Machine.

Overclocker = Speed * 2, EU * 4 to the previous state, meaning that it works 2^AmountOfOverclockers times as fast for X*4^AmountOfOverclockers EU. 4 Overclockers are max. Some Machines will need at least one Battery Upgrade to run fully Overclocked, as they can't store enough EU by themselfes. An Overclocker usually doubles the overall EU consumption (as it runs twice as fast).

The Transformer Upgrade causes the Machine to output 4 Packets (if it has an EU-Output) of usually 32 EU/p (128EU/t), and to accept the next Tier of Voltage as Input per each Upgrade, but for the higher Tiers of EU you need the HV-Transformer Upgrade. Charger Boxes don't output multiple Packets, they instead output one 32/128/512/2048/8192 EU Packet depending on Upgrades.

Battery Upgrades of any Variant are just increasing the Energy Capacity of the Machine, what a surprise. Some of these Upgrades need a certain Amount of Transformers as well, as I add Lapotron Upgrades.

The Pneumatic Generator Upgrade allows the Machine to accept Buildcrafts MJ, but NOT to output it! Using MJ is a bit wasteful as it has an 1:1-Ratio instead of the 1:2.5-Ratio. A Railcraft Steam Turbine has an 1:1.4-Ratio.

The Steam Engine Upgrade allows Machines to directly run on Steam. That is twice as efficient, as using Steam Engines to produce MJ for the Machine.

The Steam Tank Upgrade just stores *see Tooltip* more Buckets worth of Steam.

RS-EnergyCell Upgrades increase the MJ-Storage of a Machine by 100000MJ (you get 6 Upgrades per filled Redstone-Frame of Thermal Expansion).

The Quantum Chest Upgrade is just for upgrading Digital Chests

Heating Coils can be used in Furnace alike contraptions (E-Furnace, AlloySmelter, BlastFurnace), to upgrade their Efficiency or Heat Capacity. You might need to hold multiple ones, while rightclicking to upgrade a Machine, and the Machine needs to have the previous Coil-Upgrade before getting to a higher Tier.

The Lock Upgrade makes the Machine private for the one, who uses the Upgrade on the Machine. Previous Owner will get overidden. You can't "claim Ownership" of an already private Machine (of someone else) with this.

Basic Machines

You probably know of the Macerator, Extractor, Compressor, Recycler and the Electric Furnace. I have invented an upgraded Version of these Devices, by just crafting them together with a Conveyor Module. They have 2 Input Slots, 2 Output Slots (for queueing), the ability to transfer EU to the wrench-directable output face, automatic output (once per minute, I won't change that no matter how often you ask!) and look much better, than the original.

Basic Machines don't need to be powered constantly. Their processes don't have to be fully restarted every time the machine stops.

If you put too many Overclockers onto a Basic Machine, then it will not function in certain Cases, unless you apply at least one Battery Upgrade.

Other similar Basic Machines

The Alloy Smelter: is a simple Machine which just adds the convenience of creating diffrent Alloy Ingots by just smelting their component Ingots together, like for example: 3 Copper Ingots + 1 Tin Ingot = 2 Bronze Ingots, without having to macerate anything. It can also smelt 9 Nuggets into one Ingot, but that doesn't work for compressable Materials like Uranium, Osmium or Iridium.

The Wiremill is just a simple Device to increase your Wire outcome from Ingots. You put Copper Ingots in and get 3 Uninsulated Copper Wires per Ingot out. There is also a Way of making fine Copper/Iron Wire of Redpower using this Device, but these Recipes are hidden from NEI.

A Plate Bending Machine does what its name says, it bends Ingots into Plates, which are used for almost every Recipe in this Addon. It will also be able to create Rails from Railcraft.

The almighty Circuit Assembling Machine is perfectly suited for making any kind of Circuitry, or even for small things like auto-insulating the Wires you get from the Wiremill. It's also required for the more advanced Circuits.

The Printing Factory is a Machine which can copy Books and similar Items (even of other Mods) by adding a written Book to the bottom slot and Paper/Book and Ink on the left Slots. It can also create Paper from Sugarcanes/Wood Pulp, and bind Books with Leather and Paper. Not only that, it can also dye Items which have either a dye+Item Crafting Recipe or a dye-surrounded-by-8-Items Recipe.

Industrial Centrifuge

Industrial Centrifuge
Picture na.png
Type Machine
Tool Grid Wrench.png
Armor rating {{{armorrating}}}
Damage {{{damage}}}
Durability {{{durability}}}
Mining level {{{mininglevel}}}
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
Danger {{{danger}}}
Protection {{{protection}}}
Storage {{{storageslots}}}
Liquid Storage {{{lstorage}}} mB
Previous tier {{{prevtier}}}
Next tier {{{nexttier}}}
Energy Consumption
Max EU Input 32 EU/t (LV)
EU Use {{{eu_use}}} EU/t
EU Per Operation {{{eu_op}}}
EU Storage 10000 EU
EU Production {{{eu_produce}}} EU/t
Max EU Output {{{maxout}}}
Max Heat Input {{{maxhu}}} HU/t
Heat Use {{{hu_use}}} HU/t
Heat Production {{{hu_produce}}} HU/t
Max Kinetic Input {{{maxku}}} KU/t
Kinetic Use {{{ku_use}}} KU/t
Kinetic Production {{{ku_produce}}} KU/t
Technical Details
Operation Length {{{optime}}} Seconds
UU Cost {{{uu_cost}}}
First appearance {{{firstappearance}}}
Last appearance {{{lastappearance}}}
ID IC2:{{{id}}}
Flow Speed {{{fluidspeed}}} m/s
Player Speed {{{movespeed}}}

Do you wonder about how to get Si-Cells? Well, this Device can produce them, among MANY other things. To create enough Si-Cells for a Solarpanel just put a Stack of Sand into a powered Industrial Centrifuge, then put four Empty Cells into the top left input slot, and wait a short duration. The database of the Computercube contains all the other Recipes for the Centrifuge.

If you fill Fuel cans with this Device, note that the produced Fuel can might have a different burn value. For example if you put a BC-Fuel bucket into it you will get 3x100,000EU-Cans (and the Bucket), while the Soul-sand recipe only outputs 2x50,000EU-Cans. Coal-and Biofuel Cans, have the same values as if you would use the Canning machine for that (You get the Empty Cells back).

You obviously see, that this makes Empty Cells even cheaper, so I included a Config to nerf the Empty Cell recipe, with default of 8 Cells per 4 Tin, instead of 16.

For usage recipes, see this page.

Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Advanced Machine.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Extractor.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Advanced Machine.png
Grid Refined Iron.png

Industrial Electrolyzer

A new Machine, which makes some (but not all) of the Centrifuge-Recipes obsolete. The Electrolyzer works ~10 times faster (depends on recipe) than a Centrifuge, and has taken some abilities from the Centrifuge. It can accept 128 EU/p (MV) without problems and most recipes can consume over 50 EU/t (most of them are more energy consuming). You can electrolyze Water Cells much faster with this, than with the regular Electrolyzer from Industrial Craft.

Chemical Reactor

This Machine combines 2 different Chemicals (from Cells) to create other substances such as Methane (not very profitable) or Nitro Glycerine. You can trivially even create Water out of Hydrogen and Air Cells, using this. It needs a steady supply of 32EU/t to function.

Industrial Blast Furnace

Do you want Steel and Aluminum Ingots or you need Silicon Plates for your Solar Panels? Then you must have this Device. It is able to heat up advanced materials strong enough to smelt them into Ingots/Plates. This is a multi-block machine, so you need to arrange machine casings like shown in the GUI. Its' maximum heat level depends only on the quality of the machine casings used for the structure.

Industrial Grinder

The probably most useful Machine for a Miner, the Grinder is able to grind ore blocks much more efficiently and doesn't grind all of it directly into Dust, like the Macerator does. It is a multi-block structure, so you need standard and reinforced Machine Casings, arranged like described in the GUI. The Blue Dot in the Middle is a Water-Block, which is needed to use the Grinder, so if you can't place Water in the Nether, then you should build it in the Overworld. Also the Grinder needs a constant supply of Water and EU, to keep running. You can pipe Water into it with other Mods, like Thermal Expansion, BuildCraft or Redpower, as it has a Tank for up to 10000 Millibuckets of Water. If you have too many Mercury Cells, then put them into the Grinder, and all ground Gold and Silver will get one additional Dust. I am not presently certain when I will add support for other Liquids than Water. Don't try to use a transposer as it does not currently work.

Implosion Compressor

You need to produce Iridium Plates? Then this is the machine you are looking for. First you need to build a hollow 3x3x3-Block out of Machine Casing under it, like shown in the GUI. Then you need to craft Iridium Alloy Ingots inside a Rolling Machine (or Crafting Table if Railcraft isn't installed), then you put it with a bunch of I-TNT into this Device, and a few seconds later an Iridium Plate is produced. It can also be used to recreate Gems/Diamonds out of their Dusts, but with a little loss of 25%.

Industrial Sawmill

Wood is a useful resource, this device is able to turn 1 Log into 6 Planks and one piece of Wood Pulp (Forestry-compatible). The Pulp (8 Piles) can be compressed into a Wooden Plate, which can be used like a Wooden Plank in most Crafting Recipes, but it also burns like Charcoal inside a Generator/Furnace. The Sawmill requires water (piping it is also possible) to work. To build it, you need to place a 3x3x1-Plate of Machine Casings under the Sawmill Block, like shown in the GUI.

Vacuum Freezer

You need to freeze Stuff? Just put it in here and apply the proper 128EU/t (Machine accepts up to 128EU/p). It needs 6 pieces of Advanced Machine Casing and otherwise Reinforced Machine Casing. This is a simple machine, so there is not much to tell about it yet.

The new Generators (and some planned ones)

All Generators, which can run on things like Cells, also run directly on pumped Liquids for said Cells. You usually get the empty Container back, when using these Generators. As their GUI acts similar to the Liquid Tanks of Railcraft, you can put any Liquid Container inside them, if they would accept said Fuel, ofcoure.

Diesel Generator

Runs on: Buildcraft Fuel (called Diesel), Forestry Biofuel (called Bio Diesel), IC²-Biofuel, IC²-Coalfuel, and the Nitro-Fuels. It generates at a rate of 12 EU/t. You can also put the Fuel Cans of IC² inside this, if you want to use the Centrifuge Byproducts or Superfuel for example.

The integrated NEI-Plugin shows the exact Fuel Values inside the Generators for the diffrent Liquids/Items. Fuel from BC put into a cell makes Diesel Cells and is worth 384k EU. However at 12EU/tick it will take you over a day to burn the stack.

Gas Turbine

Runs on Gaseous Fuels, like Hydrogen or Methane. I will generate at 16 EU/t. No, it CAN'T and WON'T run on Railcraft's Steam. Railcraft has it's own Steam Turbine for EU-Generation, and I won't let you save Maintenance by using this Generator. As of the Addition of multi-block Gas Turbines this smaller edition has now only 75% of the Energy per Fuel Unit.

Thermal Generator

Runs on Hot Liquids like Lava. It will produce at a rate of 24 EU/t. For Lava it outputs 30,000 EU, like the Geothermal Generator, when running with an IC²-Pump adjacent to it.

Semifluid Generator

This is a Generator, which burns Liquids, which are too dense to run inside a Diesel Generator. Biomass or Creosote Oil for example.

Plasma Generator

Runs by cooling down Plasma, which is created by the Fusion Reactor.

Magic Energy Converter

This Device will run on the unexplainable strange Energy of Magic! It will use Fuels like Nether Stars (Beacons can also be burned in it as they contain Nether Stars), Ender Eyes (not the Pearls alone and also not the Dusts), or other things, which output Magic Energy (Vis Crystals etc.).

Many Items of other Mods like Ars Magica (Vinteum Dust) and Twilight Forest (Ironwood, Steeleaf etc.) can be converted into Energy too.

If you happen to let this block explode (breaking it without Wrench), then it also causes large amounts of Thaumcraft Flux to be released into the Atmosphere.

Removing Enchantments from Tools however, needs the following Device instead.

Magic Energy Absorber

A Device to pull the Magic Energy out of surrounding Magic Sources, like Thaumic Nodes or those Dragon Healing Crystal Towers in the End. You will even be able to use your Enchanted Tools (Only the Enchantment, not the Tool itself) as Energy Source, making it a profitable Enchantment Remover (Won't work on "Enchanted" eletric Tools like the Rock Cutter, as these are not really Enchantments). The Switch for the Energy Absorbtion of the Magic in the Air is turned OFF after placing this Device, as you probably just want to remove Enchantments from Tools.

Since Aura Nodes are connecting to other ones over the whole World, without giving a single Fuck about unloaded Chunks or Render distance, you can drain all the Vis from the World at one single Point (your Base for example), if using enough Absorbers at once. Too much of them next to one single Node are not efficient, if the Node is almost drained, as you can see on the flickering/inactive Status of the Machines Texture.

This can be considered Griefing, as it's causing tons of Flux to be released (Catastrophies like Thunderstorms and Wisps for example). And it's terribly easy to find out where all the Vis goes, even without the Goggles of Revealing, so secret Bases can get detected, if they use this Mode.

Both, the Ender-Crystal-Absorbing-Mode and the Vis-Absorbing-Mode can be disabled in the Config, by just setting the Energy Output of them to 0.

This Device also creates Flux when used in order to pull Vis from the Aura. Also you should watch out for moving Thaumic instabilities, as if one of those comes too close, you will get a large Explosion.

If you happen to let this Block explode (breaking it without Wrench), then it also causes large amounts of Thaumcraft Flux to be released into the Atmosphere.

Dragon Egg Siphon

Our Scientists found a Way of using the Teleportation Energy from an Enderdragon Egg, to create Power! This Device, will pull 1024 EU/t (configurable) from an Enderdragon Egg, which is placed on Top of it, what is making it a cool Decoration too!

Warning: There is a Cheat-Protection in this Device, which prevents multiple Dragon Egg Siphons from being used at once (if you have multiple Dragon Eggs). If you want to use multiple Dragon Eggs (for example, when aquired some via Mystcraft), then use the Config to disable the Cheat-Protection.

This Device could have unknown environmental Side Effects, when used over long time, but we are not sure which ones.

Multiblock Generators (planned)

These Generators are slightly more Efficient than regular small Versions of them. They however need Maintenance as they have spare Parts like Turbine Rotors. After you assembled the Machine and finished the first Maintenance you have to smash the Rubber Hammer at the Main Block to actually start the Machine, as it disables itself when it encounters a Problem. Warning, many Machines explode when their Spare Parts actually break, so you have to shut your Machine down for taking the Spare Part out and repairing it using a few Tools.

They consist out of the following Components:

The Main Block, which contains the spare Part (Turbine for example) and displays which Maintenance is actually needed, to let the Machine run smoothly.

Machine Casings for general Hull purposes.

Maintenance Hatches, which are used to do the repair on the Machine, by clicking with the needed Tool into the Gear Slot of its GUI (Not automatable at all! And I won't add automatic Maintenance). You can add multiple ones if you want, but that won't do anything important, other than being able to access the Machine from another Side as well.

Input and Output Hatches to insert and extract the Materials. Works with Liquids and Automation too. Multiple Hatches of this kind are just adding Slots to the Machine.

Energy Input Hatches, which store up to 100000 EU and are only used for Machines, which consume Energy. Multiple Hatches just increase the amount of Energy Input Sides.

Dynamo Hatches are the Energy Output of a Machine. They have to be placed at a certain Side of the Machine, which is usually the back Side. It outputs up to 2048 EU/p, but it soley depends on Efficiency and general Output of the Machine.

Diesel Piston Hatches are very Maintenance Heavy Hatches especially used in Diesel Generators. Every Hatch has a Diesel Piston Item in it, which has to be maintained. Tons of Fun for OCD People!

Large Gas Turbine

This is a very large Gas Turbine. It's much more compact compared to 42 small Turbines and outputs up to 1000EU/t at peak Efficiency (as opposed to 750 EU/t for the bunch of smaller ones). It needs a Turbine Item inside th Main Block to work. Railcrafts Turbine Item would work as well.

It is built horizontally and the Plan looks like this:

A = Air, C = Reinforced Casing, H = Muffler/Input/Output/Maintenance Hatch (one of each is needed at least) or another reinforced Casing, T = Turbine Block facing outward, D = Dynamo Hatch.

Bottom Middle Top

Large Steam Turbine

Like the Gas Turbine this produces EU from Material. It works the same way, but instead of burning Gasses you have to process Steam with it. The Setup is also very similar to the Gas Turbine, you just have to replace the Reinforced Casings with regular Machine Casings, and you don't need a Muffler Hatch as it doesnt burn things.

Blutricity Converter (planned, but only if/when Eloraam permits it)

This is the currently theoretical Concept of a Blutricity Converter, which I would add, without touching Eloraams Code at all: First of all you need a Blutric Batbox and a Blutricity Converter, you will then place the Converter Block right next to the Batbox. Then you need one or two blutric Batteries (as Converter Elements), the Converter Block, depending on Mode, will then put the Battery inside the blutric Batbox to charge/decharge it, if it's then full/empty it will pull it out of the Batbox and decharge/charge it inside itself, but instead of using Blutricity it will use IC²-Electricity.

But now the bad News. The conversion Ratio of a blutric Battery into EU is as follows: With the nerfed IC² Solar Panel Recipe of GregTech, a fully charged blutric Battery is worth 2000-3000 EU, making a blutric Batbox just worth 8000-12000 EU. Without the nerfed Solar Recipe for IC², it's worth 8000 EU, making a blutric Batbox worth 32000 EU. I think you agree, that even the better conversion Ratio, makes Blutricity->EU-Conversion itself complete Crap, while ultra-overpowering EU->Blutricity-Conversion.

The charging/decharging Process is just increasing/decreasing the damage Value of the Battery, and would be no reverse Engineering of Eloraams Code, and therefore not even fall under the Copyright of Redpower, but I still wait for an answer of her regarding a permission of that Technology. Did I mention, that I still wait for a reply?

P.S. I know it's called blu-le-ctricity, but blutricity sounds much better, is easier to pronounce, is also a valid Word, and it's also much more HAYO! than Blulectricity.


The G.L.A.D.-OS GregTech-Computercube The Graphical-Lag-Amount-Detector-Operating-System is a GregTech-ComputerCube, which enables you to see the graphical Lag directly. Its Screen changes every time a graphical Update happens, so the more Fluctuation on it, the more graphical Lag you have.

But that is only the main purpose! It has also an integrated nuclear reactor planner and a seed scanner! Open the GUI and click on the "M"-Button on the Top right Corner, to change the Mode.

This wonderful Device is a Computer! But not something that interprets your Commands, like the rpc/8e or the computer craft computer, it is something with pretty useful Applications. To switch those applications, just click the "M"-Button in its GUI. Note that you can only open the GUI, if you are the Owner of this Device.

Application 00: Well, that's just the startup window. Maybe I will improve that later with direct Links.

Application 01: The reactor planner. This is for simulating your nuclear reactor. Don't forget to supply Energy, for running the simulation process. The Window shows the Reactor-GUI with all your Components and their status. The Screen on the Bottom shows the Stats of the reactor hull and the EU-Production.

There is a Copy slot on the Top right to select the Component you want to place. Shift-Left-Clicking removes a Component. The Disk-Symbols are for saving/loading the Reactor plan. The yellow nuclear Button is for starting the Simulation.

The reactor planner automatically stops as soon as either no Energy would be produced by the Cells or the reactor would theoretically explode. The Computer itself normally doesn't explode during simulation, unless you feed it with more than 32 EU/p.

Application 02: Scanner. In this Mode the Computercube is able to scan things, like Seedbags for example. But it's not for free, it needs 10,000EU per scanned Object, at a rate of up to 100EU/t (Note that the ComputerCube is LV-Tier!!!).

Application 03/04/05: Here is the Database. View all the Fusionrecipes, Centrifugerecipes and other descriptive Texts, that I added to it.

Note: Every time you switch Modes in the Computercube ALL DATA stored inside it is lost. That is completely intended, as I have written a Function which does that exactly. So craft more computers, if you want to save your reactor data or other Settings.

Note that this Device is somewhat deprecated, and in case of the Reactor Planner "slightly" broken.

Grid Glass Pane.png
Grid Glass Pane.png
Grid Advanced Machine.png
Grid Glass Pane.png
Grid Glass Pane.png


As of 1.5.X the Fusion Reactor is no longer working the same way. It has now a much more complex system.

This is the currently most efficient Way of generating Power. You can fuse two diffrent Elements together to gain Energy, or even to just create other Elements in an energy-expensive way.

To set it up you need the Fusion Reactor block itself, 24 Fusion Coils, 2 HV-Transformers, a Splitter Cable which you might want to place at the Output, and a way to get enough Energy to trigger the Fusion.

The Setup of the 24 Coils looks as follows


X = Nothing specific, F = Fusionreactor, C = Fusioncoils

Every Fusionprocess has a start energy to trigger the fusion chain, a process duration with a specific EU/t-Rate, which could also cost instead of give Energy, two input materials and one output material. The absolutely complete list of all fusion recipes can be seen inside the Database of a GregTech-Computercube.


Energy input is on the 2 Lamp sides (You need to connect only one of these with your Input cable!), Energy output (where you put your 2 HV-Transformers) is on the 2 HV-Output-Facings. The Top with the Computer display is for autofilling the Topslot, while the GregTech-Logo on the bottom is for the autofilling of the Bottom slot (So you may need at least one Automationmod like GregTech). For Retrieving the He-Cells just put your Translocators on the last remaining Side.

It will need 40,000,000EU (4 full MFSUs!) to start running with D_Cells and T-Cells, so try to keep the Fuel for the Reaction up as long as possible (at least a stack of each Cell). Its acting like a Cable if you put Cables on IN and OUTPUT sections that means you may want to apply Redstone to the Reactor to be able to charge it up. The Reactor itself can hold 100,000,000EU before you lose any Energy due to overfilling the Storage, and will output at a rate of 1,000,000EU/p, so that you now need Supercondensators (at least 4 of them with the two regular fusion recipes which deliver 8192*4EU/t) to convert it down to 8192EU/p for your Matterfabricator. We are not responsible for People, who get damaged by using 16-HV-Transformers directly at the Superconductor-Line, as HV-Transformers are a product of Industrial Corp.

It doesn't matter, which Inputslots you choose for T-Cells or D-Cells, as long as one contains the T-Cell-Stack and the other one the D-Cell-Stack. Same for other Recipes.


Fusion Coil

Grid Tesla Coil.png
Grid Tesla Coil.png

As of 1.5.X the Fusion Reactor is no longer working simply like this. It has now a much more complex System.


The first Product released by GTI, previously known as the bane of Alblaka. This Device can create Energy out of Lightning! (what a surprise)

To set it up, you first have to craft one of the Lightningrod-Blocks. Then place 4 HV-Transformers, which are facing the Lightningrod, on the Sides of it. Now connect those 4 HV-Transformers to your Energynetwork, and you can start with the last Constructionstep. Now craft a ton of Iron Fences and place them vertically on top of the Lightningrodblock. Pillar up as high as you can, as the higher/longer the Rod is, the larger the probability of a Lightningstrike during a Storm (or even Rain if built high enough) is.

Strategies to get Thunder Storms

WARNING: Some of these Methods of getting Storms in your World can be considered Griefing! I recommend to ask your Server-Admin before doing things like that. If you are on an Anarchy Server or have no Rules regarding Weather Control, you can for example build a Factory for creating those nifty ANTI-RAIN Capsules of Forestry and automatically shoot them out, as soon as Rain isn't wanted, that could trigger a Weather-War so be careful. But now to the Ways on how to get Storms.

1. Forestry has Rain causing Iodine Capsules, use them to let it Rain.

2. Mystcraft can create Thundering Ages (Charged doesn't work! only Thunderstorms).

The Rod can ONLY, and I repeat ONLY produce EU from Thunderstorms and Rain (that means the worldwide Weather itself!). Regular Lightning Bolts are not affecting it at all, they are an entity, and said entity will NOT affect the rod in any way shape or form, other than maybe setting it on fire, the chance that "lightning" will hit the rod is not affected by the entity, but the tick does cause said entity to spawn as decoration, but the actual tick that the chance is triggered will create power

Out of the original OP

You may think "What the Fuck is a Lightningrod?", I will answer your Question: A Lightningrod is a Device, which uses the Power of Thunderstorms, to convert them to usable Electricity. I produced it like this:

Due to the high Voltage of Lightning and limited Space, I wasn't able to integrate additional Transformers, to convert the Energy down, to a normal Niveau. So you get 8192 EU/t after one single Strike (until the Supercondensator is empty).

But Gregorius, my Cables cant handle that amount of Energy!

Well, Downtransformation is your Problem, I added four EV-Slots to the Rod, then you can convert it to 4x 2048 EU/t using HV-Transformers.

And now, how to get it to work for you: 1. Install it 2. Get a Lightningrod 3. Get a bunch of Ironfences 4. Make a large Tower on top of the Rodblock with the Ironfences 5. Make sure, that there is absolutely NO BLOCK above that Tower! 6. Place 4 HV-Transformers at the Sides of the Rod, before you connect it to your E-net. 7. Wait for a Storm. 8. ...? 9. Profit!

We are not responsible for people, who get impaled/toasted on the Lightningrod. And we are also not responsible for any damage, which is caused by Quad-Extreme-Voltage.

Digital Chest, Quantum Chest and Quantum Tank

Almost infinite identical Items can be stored in this Chest (2 Billion). This is a perfect way to store all of your Cobblestone for later Recycling, or all of your surplus Copper. It has an internal Filter to prevent wrong items from being pumped into it.

The Digital Chest is a smaller Variant, which can store 512 Stacks (eight times more than a Factroyzation Barrel!).

Both Chests are accessed like the Barrel from Factoryzation (leftclick = get Itemstack, shift-leftclick = get one Item, rightclick = filling/assigning Filter). These Chests don't accepts any Input if they don't have a Filter Item in them, meaning that you have to rightclick the Chest once with the storable Item. Also they don't loose their Filter when empty (unlike Factoryzations damn Barrels), making Storages much easier to realize.

There is also a more expensive Tank Version of this Chest, which holds up to 488 Chunks of a Liquid.

Digital Chests can be upgraded on the Spot by using special Quantum Chest Upgrades.

Grid Teleporter.png

UUM-Assembler (getting removed during MC 1.5 in favour of the planned Electric Fabrication Table)

This is a special Autocraftingtable for UUM. It stores and autocrafts up to 20 different Recipes.

20 different Blueprints for UUM can be saved on the left Screen, by just clicking the Holoslots of the Craftinggrid and then selecting the Output. It also has the same Functionality as a Quantumchest just for UUM. It will automatically take UUM to refill the internal Contentslots, which are only accessible via Automationoutputthingies on the Sides (or by destroying the Device itself). This makes it very useful for Autocraftingfactories. Top and Bottom of this Device are for UUM.

It also needs 512EU per used piece of UUM, so a Diamond costs 4608EU, while 8 Wood costs 512EU.

If you have another Mod installed, which adds Liquid UUM, then you can just Pump the UUM into this Device. (But not out of it!)

Grid Teleporter.png
Grid Insulated Copper Cable.png
Grid Energy Crystal.png
Grid Crafting Table.png


Superconductors can hold ANY Voltage! So send your 1000000EU/p from the Fusionreactor down this line.

Item ONLY. This cannot be placed in the world, but it can be crafted into Superconductorwire

Grid 60K Cooling Cell.png
Grid Iridium Plate.png
Grid 60K Cooling Cell.png
Grid 60K Cooling Cell.png
Grid Iridium Plate.png



Grid Iridium Plate.png
Grid Iridium Plate.png




Grid Advanced Machine.png
Grid Advanced Machine.png
Grid Advanced Machine.png
Grid Advanced Machine.png




How to get 1000000EU/p, you ask? With the Supercondensator. If you apply Redstone to it, then it converts anything you insert up to 1000000EU/p, so that you can send it to another nonredstoned Supercondensator, to convert it down to 8192EU/t. What the point of that? Currently there is no Point as I haven't made Machines for that Input, but the Fusionreactor outputs 1000000EU/p.


It charges all Items I know, at Tier-5 or lower. This Device can also charge your Armor if you stand close to it. Redstone switches it into Decharge-Mode.

Automation is also easily possible using it. Top/Bottom = Input. Sides = Output.

It has also Armorslots (unlike the IC²-Blocks) so you can charge your Quantumsuit easily.

I got complaints about no warning that it outputs 2048EU/t when redstoned. Well this is warning enough, right?

Grid Chest.png
Grid Advanced Machine.png
Grid Chest.png


Lapotronic Energystorageunit This is a more-less awesome Machine. It allows you to store a variable amount of EU inside it, and increase that amount just by adding/removing Blocks from a large structure.

First place a LESU-Controller, to determine the location of your INPUT and OUTPUT. That Block is the one you connect to your Cables. It can store 1000000EU by itself and has a Basic Output of 5EU/t (as of V1.36a). That Output-EU/t increases together with the maximum stored EU, with every LESU-Block that you place adjacent to it, by 1EU/t and 1000000EU-Storage. Maximum Inputvoltage depends on the amount of LESU-Blocks too, but is capped at 512EU/t.

There is a Limit of 2Billion EU, or 500,000 batboxes, you can store inside it. So you have to create new Controllerblocks every 2-Billion-EU

Grid Lapis Lazuli Block.png
Grid Lapis Lazuli Block.png
Grid Lapis Lazuli Block.png
Grid Lapis Lazuli Block.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Lapis Lazuli Block.png
Grid Lapis Lazuli Block.png
Grid Lapis Lazuli Block.png
Grid Lapis Lazuli Block.png


Adjustable Energystorageunit It's 10 MFSU, or 25,000 batboxes in one! And it has a variable amount of EU/t output, which you can set in its GUI to a value between 0EU/t and 2048EU/t (default 512EU/t on placement). Isn't that awesome?


Interdimensional Storageunit Enderchest + 1-Billion-EU-Energystorage = This Device. That's equal to 250,000 batboxes! The IDSU is a way to store Energy wirelessly and crossdimensional between two or more Points, like the vanilly Enderchest does with Items. You set its owner by opening its GUI the first time, and if it has no Owner, then it wont do anything. Every Player can only have 1 IDSU-Network, like the Enderchests.

You think 4 AESU are too cheap for 1 Billion Storage? Please think about the fact, that you need more than one IDSU for wireless/crossdimensional Energytransfer.

Grid Iridium Plate.png
Grid Iridium Plate.png
Grid Teleporter.png
Grid Iridium Plate.png
Grid Iridium Plate.png

Battery and Charger Boxes

These Boxes work like a Battery Box, but you decide which Batteries are used inside it. It has between 1 and 16 Slots to store Batteries inside and charges/decharges on demand. For some higher Tier Batteries, you need to apply Transformer Upgrades. These Boxes work also very well with Automation as they only let fully charged/decharged Items out when they are full/empty.


Detects any Player in a Range of 16 spherical Meters. It can be set to ALL, OTHERS and YOU, to determine which Players are detected.

Grid Advanced Circuit.png

Grid Advanced Circuit.png

Sonictron 9001

This Device is awesome. It lets you play almost any Sound/Musicdisc in vanilla Minecaft. It plays up to 64 of them, as soon as you apply Redstone (or rightclick with the mobile one), at a rate of 1 Sound per 1/10sec. So compose your Songs by just clicking around in a GUI. It loops the Sound as long as Redstone is applied, so you don't need a Timer.

The mobile Sonictron can store the Data of the Sonictronblock by just rightclicking the Sonictronblock. If you sneak-rightclick the Sonictronblock with it, then it writes whatever is stored on the mobile Sonictron to the Sonictronblock. The Dataorb is also capable of doing that, but it can't play the Music.

Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Advanced Machine.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png



A Matterfabricator is a special Version of the Massfabricator. If you use the Default in the Config, then it will automatically disable the Recipe of the normal Massfabricator, and replace the Massfabricator with this Device and its new crafting recipe. The downside/nerf of this is that you MUST supply Scrap and that it normally costs (configurable to be even cheaper) 100 Times more Energy, than normal Scrap-Massfabrication. It accepts up to 8192EU/p, so you can directly connect your Lightningrod to it, instead of using 4 HV-Transformers.

Grid Teleporter.png
Grid Teleporter.png

Electric Autocraftingtable

First introduced in version 1.36a, this Device is able to autocraft items like the Immibis Autocraftingtable, but at the cost of 5000EU per craftingprocess. 10 Holoslots for Recipedeclaration (one being the theoretical output). 9 Bufferslots for your Items (green side), 1 Ouputslot (red side) and 9 Containeritem-Outputslots (other 4 sides).

The Autocrafting Table has also a small internal Tank. This Tank will get used to automatically fill container Items like Buckets for crafting.

It has many Modes

Arrow pointing to the right: Uses the Crafting Recipe, which you entered into the Holo Slots.

Blue Dots in black Squares: Tries to "package" all Items, by using all of the 3 following Grid Modes. If packaging Fails, it will just tranfer the unpackageable Item to the Output. If you put Items into the Holo Slots, then they will be excluded from packaging.

1x1, 2x2 and 3x3-Grid: Tries to arrange Items like this, to package the Items like shown on the Button.

NEW: The Oredictionary-Unificator-Mode (Symbol looks a bit like DNA)

This Mode converts Ingots, Dusts and Gems from any other Mod into the GregTech/IC²-Variant of it (Only if there is one). So if you have 5 diffrent not together stackable Versions of Silver Ingots (yeah, so many Mods seriously add Silver), for example, this Mode would convert them all into the Silver Ingots of GregTech. If you put Forestry Bronze into it then its getting converted into IC²-Bronze.

But wait, there is more! The integrated Unificator is also converting ANY Crafting Output automatically into the correct unificated form of the Output, so if you use the Thermal Expansion Recipe for Bronze Blend, you will get the same amount of the equivalent IC²-Bronze Dust instead! This is making automated Factories and Storage Systems less of a mess, by just making all the equivalent Dusts, Ingots and Gems, into one simple and stackable Pile of its GregTech/IC²-Format.

NEW: The Dust Piler Mode You have got all those tiny Piles of Dust from my Machines? You want to make them into large Piles, but the 2x2-Packager also produces Carbon Fibres, as soon as Coal Dust enters? This Mode makes sure that the 2x2-Packaging only converts tiny Piles of Dust into the normal ones!

Also Nugget-Combiner Mode and Tool Reparing(TM) Mode are available.

The relatively new Mixer Mode just takes one of every Item inside the Crafting Table and randomly combines them in a shapeless Crafting Recipe together. This is only really useful in very special Cases.

Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid RE Battery.png
Grid Crafting Table.png
Grid Advanced Machine.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png


The Translocator takes Items from one Inventory (green facing) and places them into the other (red facing). If you put stuff into its Filter then it will only transfer these Items, but that doubles the Transfercost.

The cost of a transfer is determined by complexity of the two Inventories. If both are sided, then it multiplies with 3, if only one is sided then multiplies with 2, and if none is sided then there will not be an increase.. One Transaction can be performed per second, and the Transaction consists out of 1-64 Items being moved at 1EU per single Item. Formula = 1EU * SidedInventoryMultiplier() * Filtercosts() * MovedStackSize() = a Maximum of 384EU per moved stack and a minimum of 64EU per moved Stack.

Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid RE Battery.png
Grid Piston.png
Grid Machine.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png

Advanced Translocator

It works similar to Sneakypipes, you can decide, into which Slotrange you wanna put the Output/grab the Input.

Translocators output 32EU/t to their Input- and Outputsides, so that connected Machines can be powered through them. You can disable that special behaviour in its GUI.

Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid RE Battery.png
Grid Piston.png
Grid Advanced Machine.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png

Electric Buffer

There are two variants of the electric buffer large and small.

That's basically my variant of a RP-Relay/BC-Hopper. It just needs 1 EU per transferred Item (2EU for the large edition), and transfers Items directly into its attached Inventory (red facing). There are 2 Variants, the basic small one, with just space for one Stack, and the large one with 27 Slots, like a Chest.

Note: The electric Buffer can be used as some kind of more realistic unidirectional Pipe/Tube, where Itemstacks are moving at a relative random speed (at least 1 Meter per second).

Like Translocators, Buffers also output 32EU/t to their Outputsides (they have no special Inputfacing) and its also configurable in the GUI. That way you can connect the EU-Line to the Buffer instead of the Machine, or make a chain of Buffers to form some kind of Item/EU-Pipeline, without having to lay additional Cables around it.

Buffers also have special Redstonebehaviour for Redstoneoutput in their GUI. If the Buffer has no empty Slot, then it emits Redstone (takes up to Slotcount*1 EU/sec for searching after an empty Slot), or if you press the Invert-Button, then it will stop emitting Redstone. That's useful when you still use the Standard-Massfab instead of my Matterfabricator.

The Advanced Electric Buffer is able to put its one Itemstack into a specified Slot of the connected Machine, if that Slot is somehow reachable. Ideal for refueling Nuclearreactors.

The Advanced Regulator is capable of doing what the Advanced Buffer does, but with 8 additional target Slots and specific Sorting for each targeted Slot. This Device is capable of saving you the Materials and the Space needed for 8 additional Machines inside your Factory if used properly! As of MC1.5.1, the Advanced Regulator has internal Item Filters, enabling you to use Sorter->LargeBuffer->Regulator->Machine without getting cluttered up.

BTW: An Automated Factory looks much better, when using these Machines instead of Tubes/Pipes, so that you get some kind of "Multiblock Machines". :D

Large Electric Buffer

Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid RE Battery.png
Grid Chest.png
Grid Advanced Machine.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png

Small Electric Buffer



The Electric Sorter

It is a Buffer with two Outputfacings. One for the Filtered Stuff (Blue), which can be changed to any Direction, and the Defaultoutput (Red) if the Filter doesnt accept, or the Targetinventory is full, which can be set with a Wrench like with any other Machine.

Both Outputs are also outputting EU like with any other Automationdevice.

There is an Electric Type Sorter, which sorts by Item Type. The Images are showing the sorted Item Type.

The Inventory Manager

Very complex Device. Basically you can manage the In and Outputs of up to four attached Machines when using it properly. It's very hard to use this Device, as you can do almost anything with it. It outputs 32EU/p but 4 Times (like a LV-Transformer) making it emit 128 EU/t without blowing up your Machines.

Electric Rock Breaker

This Cobblestone generator is meant to be very realistic and lag-free. You have to put some kind of Lava on top or on the side (not Bottom) of it, and water on a Side (not top or bottom!), which is obviously not already occupied by the Lava.

It requires 100EU per Cobblestone/Smoothstone, and outputs EU and Items into the Machine connected to the red Side (like Buffers). If you insert Redstone it will be converted to Obsidian for 500EU, thats possible to make in vanilla Minecraft, so its also possible in this Device.

Don't connect your input cable to the red Side.

See forum post for picture.[3]

Grid Obsidian.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Obsidian.png
Grid Diamond.png
Grid Mining Drill.png
Grid Advanced Machine.png
Grid Obsidian.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Obsidian.png

Item Clearer

Its like a Vacuum Cleaner for Items. All Items inide the 3x3x3-Cube in front of it are sucked in, and moved into the attached Machine.

Overclockers can increase the Range to 5x5x5, 7x7x7, 9x9x9 and 11x11x11 Blocks. It uses a Teleporter to teleport the Items into it.


This Device is supposed to be able, to turn anything you shoot at with, into Scrapboxes. But due to a very minor Malfunction (DAMN YOU, PERRY THE PLATYPUS!!!), it is just unpacking Scrapboxes, and putting the Output into the connected Machine.

Also you can DIRECTLY insert Scrap into it. It will detect 9 and unpackage the scrapboxed Item

Crop Harvestor

You need to autoharvest Crops? This Device can do it! The Crop in front of it will be harvested, as soon as the Crop is harvestable. Make sure that there is no place for fallen Items around the Crop, as the integrated Item Clearer isn't really fast.

Overclockers increase the Range of this Block to 1x2, 1x4, 1x8 and 1x16.

Machine Box

This Device is a Universal Machine Box. It is something like a Cover and Upgrade Holder with Energy Output. It has one Inventory Slot, one Bucket of Tank Capacity and 2000 Electric Capacity. It accepts Upgrades as well, so that you can increase its Energy Storage and also its Energy Output to up to 8192 EU/t in 4 Packets of 2048 EU/p.

Machine Boxes are better suitable as Energy Storage than an AESU, even though they are slightly more expensive. You need 2 Transformer Upgrades, 2 HV-Transformer Upgrades and 12 Energy Orb Upgrades, toget a Block which can even output 8192EU/t.

To get Information about the Content of this Block you have to use Covers. The Sortiment of Covers is quite large and works with pretty much every Machine. Covers send Information via vanilla Redstone, yes they can send tons of Information down a single pile of Redstone laying on the Ground.

Redstone Displays and Scales

These 2 Blocks visualize the Information received via Redstone. They have both up to 16 Designs each, which can easyly be switched by using a Screwdriver on the Front of the Block.

Button Panels

Button Panels are sending Informations down a Redstone Line. Using a Controller Cover you can freeze the Buttons of the Panel so that they stick. You can change the Design by using a Screwdriver here as well.

Wireless Redstone

Yes, we even have Wireless Redstone. There are 2 Covers related to it. The Transmitter and the Receiver. These Covers can send and receive Redstone Signals crossdimensionally. To set the Frequency use a Screwdriver on one of the 4 Corner Screws. If you use it on the middle, then you can simply read the Frequency without interferring. If you click with another Item than a Screwdriver on the middle, then it will set the Frequency to a Number, which is specific to the Item.

The Covers have an IN and an OUT Mode. IN means that it is focussed on the Signal, which is emitted/inserted into the inside of the attached Block, while OUT means that it is focussed on the Signal, which is applied-to/emitted-from the outside of the attached Block.


Destroys items. It works like a Trash Bin for Items.

Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Lava Bucket.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png


The Lighthelmet (shapeless crafted with Solarhelmet and Luminator), is a combination of a Lamp and the Solarhelmet. The Lamp is OFF when the Sunlight hits the Panel and ON when it doesn't. It consumes 0.5 EU/t when ON.

Grid Solar Helmet.png

Grid Luminator.png


(To everyone who constantly misspells it: It is NOT a Rock Crusher!) The Rockcutter is the Industrial Version of a Silktouch-Diamond-Pickaxe. Its Silktouchlevel is III, but it is purely aesthetic; only because it looks better than a Silktouch-I Enchantment.

Grid Diamond.png
Grid Diamond.png
Grid Diamond.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png

Grid RE Battery.png


Not confirmed to work, so try it! The Teslastaff is a Weapon against any kind of electronic Armor. It's purely a PvP-Weapon, so don't try to fry Zombies with it. Note that this Weapon is completely untested, so when you hit a Player, it's possible nothing happens.

Grid Iridium Plate.png

Grid Iridium Plate.png


The Lapotronpack is my Version of the ultimate Lappack. It stores 10 Million EU in Backpackformat.

Grid LapPack.png
Grid Iridium Plate.png

Item Recipes

Alternate Circuit (Electrum) (Refined Iron can also be replaced with Aluminum Ingot)

Grid Insulated Copper Cable.png
Grid Insulated Copper Cable.png
Grid Insulated Copper Cable.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Insulated Copper Cable.png
Grid Insulated Copper Cable.png
Grid Insulated Copper Cable.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png



Alternate Energy Crystal

Grid Redstone.png
Grid Redstone.png
Grid Redstone.png
Grid Redstone.png
Grid Redstone.png
Grid Redstone.png
Grid Redstone.png
Grid Redstone.png
Grid Energy Crystal.png

Lapotronic Energyorb

Grid Lapotron Crystal.png
Grid Lapotron Crystal.png
Grid Lapotron Crystal.png
Grid Lapotron Crystal.png
Grid Iridium Plate.png
Grid Lapotron Crystal.png
Grid Lapotron Crystal.png
Grid Lapotron Crystal.png
Grid Lapotron Crystal.png

Alternate Advanced Circuit (Electrum) you can also use Lazurite instead of Lapis

Grid Lapis Lazuli (Dye).png
Grid Glowstone Dust.png
Grid Glowstone Dust.png
Grid Lapis Lazuli (Dye).png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png



Alternate Lapotron Crystal (Sapphire) you can also use Lazurite instead of Lapis

Grid Lapis Lazuli (Dye).png
Grid Lapis Lazuli (Dye).png
Grid Lapis Lazuli (Dye).png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Lapis Lazuli (Dye).png
Grid Lapis Lazuli (Dye).png
Grid Lapis Lazuli (Dye).png
Grid Lapotron Crystal.png


Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Lapotron Crystal.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Lapotron Crystal.png
Grid Iridium Plate.png
Grid Lapotron Crystal.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Lapotron Crystal.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png



Alternate Macerator (Overrides IC2 recipe. This can be disabled in the config.)

Grid Flint.png
Grid Diamond.png
Grid Flint.png
Grid Diamond.png
Grid Machine.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Flint.png
Grid Diamond.png
Grid Flint.png
Grid Macerator.png

Iridium-reinforced Stone

Grid Reinforced Stone.png


Grid Advanced Circuit.png




Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Iridium Plate.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png






Highly Advanced Machineblock

Grid Advanced Machine.png

Expensive Nuke (Disables the regular Nuke recipe by default. This recipe can be turned off in the config.)

Grid Re-Enriched Uranium Cell.png
Grid Re-Enriched Uranium Cell.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Advanced Machine.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Re-Enriched Uranium Cell.png
Grid Re-Enriched Uranium Cell.png

Expensive Solar Panel (Disables the regular Solar Panel recipe by default. This recipe can be turned off in the config.)

Grid Glass Pane.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Glass Pane.png
Grid Generator.png
Grid Glass Pane.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Solar Collector.png

Expensive Wind Mill (Disables the regular Wind Mill recipe by default. This recipe can be turned off in the config.)

Grid Generator.png

Grid Windmill.png

Grid Generator.png

Grid Windmill.png

Alternate Iridium Plate (just crafted with compressed Iridiumore)

Grid Advanced Alloy.png
Grid Advanced Alloy.png
Grid Diamond.png
Grid Advanced Alloy.png
Grid Advanced Alloy.png
Grid Iridium Plate.png

Iridium Ingot

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Alternate Thick Neutron Reflector

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The Config (last edit for V2.02c) (its highly deprecated)

Please keep that at the Bottom of the Page. (Directly over the Changelog)

Here are almost all the Recipes of my Machines/Items Some of those like all the Componentitems are not disable-able

addonrecipes {



Pretty self-explanatory. These are the BlockIDs

block {



Industrial Centrifuge recipes can be disabled.

centrifuge {



These are for making your life a little bit easier and also a few other better Recipes Tinpincher makes you able, to use the Canningmachine for filling Fuelcans (so that you get the Tincells back)

cheaperrecipes {



You can enable Industrial Credits in Dungeons, or disable my own Dungeonloot. Also you could disable my Musicdisc-Fix for Dungeonchests

dungeon {



Here are a few Features of special Blocks/Items MatterFabricator EU consumption rate can be adjusted. Regular MassFab rate=1666666(just remove a 6)

features {



The general options of my Addon, the Debugmode is just printing out the Names of all the Items, and the Names in the Oredictionary

general {



Recipes which some Serverowners may want to disable

ic2recipes {




item {



Here you can disable certain QSuit-Features

quantumsuit {



Macerate silktouched Ores for double gain, or just disable it

silktouchrecipes {



The more-less modified Recipes can be disabled/configured here

usefullrecipes {



Storageblockcrafting, by default disables crafting of storage blocks. You must use other methods to create storage blocks. Oh look a compressor!

storageblockcrafting {



Storageblockmaceration, get your stuff back by maceration.

storageblockmaceration {



Storageblockreversecrafting, by default disables reverse crafting of storageblocks. Oh look a macerator!

storageblockreversecrafting {



Storageblocksmelting, enables storageblocks to by smelted back to ingots.

storageblocksmelting {



Usefullrecipes. Wondering why the macerator requires diamonds or you can't craft mixed metal ingots? This is where you can go back to easy mode.

usefullrecipes {



All list of all the UUM-Recipes, which you could disable

uumrecipes {



My Oregeneration in the Landscape The Iridiumprobability is at 20% per Chunk per Default

worldgeneration {




Here is the communitydriven changelog. (As I'm too lazy to update that myself.)

2/24/13 V2.80b

Added Digital Chest Interface for better access to its Inventory Data. (That is for Modders!)

Edit: Also made them Wrenchable by non-Owners if their Data is empty.

2/24/13 V2.80a

Grabbed the old fix for that Problem

Fixed Bronze Hoes not being reversable in Macerator/Furnace

Removed old Quantum Chest GUI Code and forgot to remove its GUI-png-File...

Made Digital Chests and Quantum Chests only wrenchable by their respective Owner. This should prevent accidential mishaps of random people running around with Scissors Wrenches in their Hand (guess what happened recently...).

2/23/13 V2.79f

lets see if that is finally fixed. It only updates if a player is close (8 Meters).

2/22/13 V2.79e

Added Shift-Left-Click to Digital and Quantum Chests.

fixed the QChest Recipe.

2/22/13 V2.79d

Added Digital Chests

Changed the way MetaTileEntities update the Client. Please report any Non-Updated (within 10 secs) MetaTileEntity in chunkloaded or crowded Areas.

Changed Quantum Chests (Meta 3) to Quantum Chests (Meta 49). For converting old Itemstored ones, just place the old ones in the World and they will update.


I added a Feature of another Mod, and I think you know what it means:

Pro and Contra Time! *Applause*

So, why are my Digital Chests/Quantum Chests better than Barrels/Extradimensional Barrels:

1. They have a consequent and persistent Filter. Meaning that in no way, wrong Items can enter this Device even if it has no Filter or contains no Items at all. You also know freshly placed and unused Barrels need a Blocker Item to prevent Items entering them, but my Digital Chest doesnt even connect to Tubes or something if it has no Filter Item in it.

2. They store much more than Barrels (8 times more for the Digital Chest).

3. They are compatible with Nuclear Control.

4. If you rightclick one with an empty hand, then all Items in your Inventory get transferred into it (The Barrel needs two clicks to perform the same). That way you can sort items, by just running around, rightclicking on Digital Chests or Quantum Chests.

5. If you leftclick a Digital Chest/Quantum Chest you get a Stack of its Item (like the Barrel), however the Item doesnt ricochet around like Mad, and only exits on the side with the Monitor on it.

6. They can be automated from ALL 6 Sides without Problems! (Barrel has Top = Input, Bottom = slightly bugged Output)

Whats not as good as the Barrel:

Only the display is lacking, thats all. Place Item Frames or Nuclear Control Screens next to them, to fix that yourself.

They are a little bit expensive, but one Data Orb, one Screen and 7 Refined Iron or Aluminium Ingots are not that expensive.

2/18/13 V2.79c

Found the Bug with the Flower scanning. I used the most stupid Constructor of "World" to not cause any Sideeffect, and ofcourse grabbed a Clientside Only Constructor...

2/17/13 V2.79b

Added GUI to the Pump. Yes, it is planned to fill Cells like a regular Tank.

Decreased update Rate of my MetaTileEntities again.

Decreased Packet Size for graphical MetaTileEntitiy Updates with the magic of Bitmasks (Active, Redstone and Facing are now in one single Packet)

Improved the MetaTileEntity Renderingcode to not rely on calls to the BaseMetaTileEntity, by adding Active and Redstone as Parameters, which you will quickly notice with NEI (or your Chest full of GT-Machines).

2/16/13 V2.79a

Added Advanced Pump, works like an IC²-Miner, but more pumpy (and no Drills to break Blocks!). As it has no GUI now (NOW), you have to input the Mining Pipes into the Top.

Added Conveyor module as a Crafting Component for several Automation Devices.

Changed Thorium multicell Recipes to use Copper INGOTS instead of dense Plates.

Made GUIs Serverside only. If you experience crashes due to that, then update Forge! I tested it right before the release! That probably fixed also the Block-Clicking causing pseudoblock placement Bug.

Made Translocators, Buffers, Filters, Scrapboxinators and similar MUCH faster, if they really have work to do, meaning that they now check every 10 seconds for Items to transfer, and then rush for AT LEAST 1.5 Seconds by scanning once every Tick, if they transfered an Item.

2/12/13 V2.78k


2/12/13 V2.78j

Added a few new Logs to my own Logfile.

Added compatibility with every grassdropped Seed to get SeedOil from it.

Added SeedOil-Industrial-Centrifuge Recipes if Forestry is NOT loaded, as SeedOil can be used inside the Semifluid Generator.

Added compatibility with every Bonemealable Flower to get more Dye inside an Extractor.

Improved performance of the two electric Buffers massively. I did totally not do that because of the RG-Tweet mentioning RP-Relays being laggy (due to the Item bouncing back and forth between the Relay and the targeted Inventory every tick), because I totally dont read RGs tweets, exactly like he totally doesnt read this Thread.

2/10/13 V2.78i

Fixed a minor Bug with the Autocrafting Table not rejecting Items in the Container Inventory when in one of the special Modes (so any mode which is not the regular Crafting Mode)

Streamlined the Redstone recipe of the Centrifuge a bit.

2/9/13 V2.78h

Fixed the wrongly placed Slots inside the Inventory Manager (tons of Code were just copypasted)

Fixed Electric Regulator, as it behaved as crappy as the Redpower Regulator... (and yes I just said that the Redpower Regulator doesnt properly regulate, no matter which combination of Settings and Items I put into, nor if its In-Line or directly attached). Or to quote myself in the Chat after don't getting it to regulate (btw it worked fine in 1.2.5): not for Redpower Fans

2/9/13 V2.78g

Added the Inventory Manager. Its new so it can have Bugs. I clicked everything in the GUI to test for crashes, and also tested if the Energyflow Options and the Inventory Movement work. You should avoid having empty Slots in the Sorting Area (if you even filter the Stuff), so Slot Blocker Items would be useful.

2/8/13 V2.78f

Made it possible for the Autocrafting table to accept input from the Container-Item-Output-Slots.

Added Nugget Crafting Mode

Made other Mods small Dusts and nuggets compatible to the Autocrafting Tables corresponding Modes. (before it was checking for a certain Item)

Removed the 8 Sulfur + (Char)Coal = 5 Gunpowder Recipe, from whichever UE-Mod adds that. Do not complain, it's terribly simple to aquire enough Saltpeter for the regular Recipe!

2/7/13 V2.78e

Fixed minor Bugs

Added a few Recipes

Fixed unintended Recipe overload in the TE-Sawmill, which lead to pulverizing Wooden Tools into pulp, instead of Planks

2/5/2013 V2.78d

Fixed Liquiducts not connecting to freshly placed MetaTileEntities.

Fixed Apatite Ore in Grinder.

Added Clay to the results of Redrock Centrifuging.

Changed most Machine releated advanced Configs to use Production-Duration instead of true/false, X <= 0 is disabled.

Made Quantum Tank unbreakable, so one cant accidently break it without a Wrench (or TNT).

Fixed Creosote Cell being redundant. You can simply craft old Cells into the correct RC ones.

2/2/2013 V2.78c

Added a Filter Slot to the Safe, so automation cant input other Items than the Filter itself. You need to rightclick the Filter to actually change it (because otherwise it gets NEI-Shiftstacking Problems). This renders Single-Item-Filters useless (as this Safes Filter acts like a Barrel-Filter).

As effective from now (V2.78c) on, you can use any GregTech Version with the same major Version Number (so 2.78X) to join a Server. However it's recommended to not use older Versions than the Server has, especially if I added new Blocks.

Nerfed induction smelting of Pyrite Ore, and also retextured Pyrite Ore, to look a bit more like Nether Gold Ore.

2/1/2013 V2.82b

Just a quick hotfix for the 2 Problems, and I added another Donator to the internal Capelist. [Problems: 1. GT-Machines breaking instantly on hit, 2. N/A]

1/31/2013 V2.78a

Added the Advanced Safe. The only things which should be able to break that, are the Wrench (if used by owner) and TNT. Admins CANNOT open those Safes, like the IC²-Safes. If they want to get the Stuff out of other peoples Safes, then they must use TNT to break them. You can use Automation to input Items.

Fixed a few minor Bugs

Added the GUI-Texture of the planned "Inventory Manager"

1/30/2013 V2.77h

Added config to disable the craft of Enchantment Tables (Books from Dungeons, Villagers and Anvils are then the only way to enchant Stuff).

Added a few reverse Recipes for a lot of things. (even redstone Torches, with the TE-Sawmill)

Added chemical Recipe for Sulfuric Acid

Fixed Liquid Transposer not recognizing some of the GregTech-Cells.

My Recipe Adders now use the Overwrite-Parameter of Thermal Expansions API, what means that you now have to update TE for my Recipes.

My Adv-Config has been improved in general, and is now pretty much Exception proof.

Changed the Quantum Chest Texture, to look more like the old Personal Safe (before the awesome Safe Model)

Scrapboxinator now just lets non-Scrapboxes go through.

Nerfed scrapboxes, they drop scrap at a >60% chance now.

Fixed quite a few Bugs.

1/28/2013 V2.77g

Fixed Blaze-Reactors in two Ways: 1. Blazes no longer give you Coal Dust (Dark Ashes instead) 2. Coal Dust no longer centrifugable into Thorium

Added the Coal-Ore Byproduct Thorium Dust (So you need to silktouch Coal Ore now.)

Disabled Thermal-Expansion-Recipe Overload per default. You need to turn it back on under the Features Tab, if you have an older Version of TE and want OreDict-Unification for its Machines. This Config will get removed in MC 1.5 as it's only for older TE Versions.

Added Configsection for Machines (all those Dangerous explosion Stuff) into the Main Config. I also moved the constant Energy requirement into that Section.

Made Autocraftingtable a bit more intelligent when converting OreDict-Stuff and piling Dusts.

You can now empty my Liquid based Generators with Containers (like Cells or Buckets). If you just wanna place your Diesel Generators somewhere else and don't have the Time to let them run out of Energy.

1/27/2013 V2.77f.

Added OreDict-Unification-API-Function.

Uranium ore has now plutonium dust as byproduct instead of tungsten.

Minor tweaks were added too.

1/26/2013 V2.77e

Added config to disable the requirement of the blast furnace for steel, aluminium, chrome, titanium and tungsten.

Overloaded every regular smelting recipe, which was able to create these 5 ingots if the before mentioned configs are set to the default. Those smelting recipes will create dusts instead of ingots (it could happen, that you get a dust->dust-smelting-recipe due to that, as it's not easyly possible to remove normal smelting recipes, due to obfuscation).

Fixed some accidently overloaded recipes of Thermal Expansion.

1/25/2012 V2.77d

Fixed ThermalExpansion-machines output unification.

Machines now explode when on fire. This happens randomly, so that the fire has time to spread to other machines.

Some bugfixes and recipe additions.

1/23/2013 V2.77c

Fixed many minor bugs.

Fixed some recipes.

Made machines able to catch fire, but they won't burn away (they will just burn forever like Netherrack).

1/20/2013 V2.77b

Fixed some Frame releated Stuff.

Changed a few Recipes a little bit.

Fixed some other minor Bugs.

1/19/2013 V2.77a

Fixed several moreless critical Bugs.

Fixed the Progress-lost-on-Chunkload-and-then-complaining-about-insufficient-Energy-even-if-it-has-more-than-enough-Energy-Bug of my Multiblock Machines. Added Distillation Tower and two currently Byproduct-Free Recipes for Oil and Biomass Cells (Liquid Pipes currently not supported)

Changed my Silver Ore to Silverlead Ore. @TexturepackMakers: The 6 diffrent Ore Textures for all the GT-Ores are now a bit better randomized.

Added Recipes for the Vacuum Freezer regarding the diffrent Coolant Cells

Added cheap Recipes to the Industrial Blast Furnace to create Bronze, Brass and Invar directly from Ingots, similar to Thermocrafts Induction Smelter.

Fixed Thermocraft API usage (as my Bugfix for the older 2.1.6-Version was identical to the Dust-Duplicator-Code)

Changed Recipe for Steel. You now need a refined Iron Ingot and 2 Coal. If you use Steel Dust, then nothing changes.

1/16/2013 V2.76d

Nerfed the output of centrifuging lava a tiny bit, also you only need 16 instead of 64 Lava for one Process.

Probably fixed any Sync-Nullpointers in my MetaTileEntities (especially Frame Movement).

Made Energy Explosions of my Machines even more dangerous, by letting Machines emit EU upon explosion IN ALL 6 DIRECTIONS! First it emits a packet of 32 EU, then 128, 512, 2048 and 8192 EU, which will fry pretty much every Cable and detonate any Machine connected to said Cable. This makes LV carrying Glassfibre (in comparsion to Copper Cables) even more dangerous, as the Cable gets fried at 2048 and not 128 EU (what would prevent any other Explosion Reaction).

Improved the QuantumChest Code a large bit (as suggested by mistaqur via PM one week ago).

Edit: Forgot to mention that I added Thorium and Plutonium Dusts (and support for every Mod, which adds correspondent Ores), which will maybe cause problems with previously set up Automation (as I switched from Cells to Dusts in some Recipes). Monazite Ore + Grinder should give you Thorium Dust, but I didn't test it.

1/13/2013 V2.76b

Added the Magic Energy Absorber, a Device capable of extracting Magic Energy from enhanted Tools and close by Ender Crystals (if the switch is ON ofcourse). It works with every Enchantment (even Mod added ones). Oh f***, I just remember that I forgot to fix one Exploit regarding this Device...

Fixed Dragon Egg Siphon.

1/12/2013 V2.76a

Added Magic Energy Converter. This Device is capable of converting the Magic Energy from Items and magic Fluids into pure electric Energy. Ender Eyes (NOT the Pearls!), Nether Stars (and Beacons) and some Thaumcraft Items can be converted! Due to needing a very strong Magic Conductor, this Device is quite hard to get, as the only known thing for creating that is a Nether Star. It needs Platinum Ingots instead of Thaumium Ingots if Thaumcraft isn't installed. You usually get any Containers or empty Crystals back.

Changed GUI of the Advanced Regulator a bit.

Tons of minor Tweaks and Bugfixes.

1/7/2013 V2.75d

Fixed your "Energy-Issue", by setting the Machine to negative Progress Time (-10 Ticks) if the Progress Time is negative, then it doesnt cost Energy to get back to 0, but after the 0, it will again start to produce.

Generalized Storage Block Crafting. The old Configs for Storage Blocks are now all Ineffective, please use the advanced Config to restrict some of the Blocks. The Default didnt change so dont worry if you did nothing to that Config.

1/6/2013 V2.75c

Improved Item Movement Code of my Automation Machines, to be able to limit Stacksizes at the Target Inventory (The Advanced Regulator makes already use of that, so you may want to check the preplaced ones), may needs a bit more testing, please report any Item-Dupe or Item-Elimination, which happens to you.

I don't know what exactly went wrong, but the Implosion Compressor should play a Sound. Maybe it works only in Multiplayer.

1/5/2013 V2.75b

Added Chemical Reactor to combine the contents of 2 Cells. It uses the previously unused Texture from the Electrolyzer

Added Explosions if you are stupid enough to break electrically charged Machines, not using a Wrench. WARNING: Explosions cause massive Chainreactions, which can wreck your WHOLE Workshop!

1/3/2013 V2.75a

Fixed a few Bugs

Added Dragon Egg Siphon. Now that Dragon Egg duping is no longer possible using Pistons, I can safely add this. Don't even try to use preduped Eggs or otherwise aquired multiple Eggs ontop of this Device, I have special Code to prevent running multiple Dragon Egg Siphons. EU Output is 128EU/t (can be adjusted in Config).

1/1/2013 V2.74d

New Material to build your Super-Safe Bunkers: Tungstensteel! But not just Tungstensteel, VACUUM HARDENED TUNGSTENSTEEL!!! Regular Vacuum hardened Steel, is one of the best Materials one can imagine. Many popular Space Stations have been made of it, like the infamous Death Egg, which fell 3 times back onto the Planet WITHOUT EVEN DENTING the vacuum hardened Outer Hull!!! Now combine that with the hardness of Tungsten, and you get a Material, which can resist explosions like Iridium! But not only that! Its awesome dark Blue look, and the possibility to combine it with Iridium to make it EVEN STRONGER, are perfect for building Bases of it!

12/30/2012 V2.74c

Fixed some Oredict Stuff in regards to Nether Ores.

12/30/2012 V2.74b

Added Nuggets.

Added a few Storage Blocks.

Improved Autocrafting Table a bit.

Fixed my texture Files, which were having 100kb more Filesize, than necessary.

12/29/2012 V2.74a

Added Vacuum Freezer. Its only Recipe is currently making Ice Cells (Forestrys crushed Ice), which can be centrifuged for 200EU to get an Ice Block and the Cell.

Added Advanced Regulator. You can determine which Items go into which Slot of the target. It has a Buffer of 9 Items and can target up to 9 Slots, very useful for Reactors.

Added Configuration Options for Hardcore Players, to decrease the maximum StackSize of Ores, Wood/Saplings and Planks. Its set to 64 per Default, so nobody should have a Problem. I personally use 16 in all 3 Configs, what is making Forestrys Backpacks very useful.

12/29/2012 V2.73d

Fixed some OreDict-Stuff

Added expensive Nanosaber Recipe

12/28/2012 V2.73c

Adjusted all the Scrapbox Drops and added a few new ones.

Fixed again some Bugs, I know I say that always, but its still true.

12/28/2012 V2.73b

Fixed some Bugs and Glitches.

12/27/2012 V2.73a

Added a cool new Feature.

Improved OreDict-Unification EVEN MORE!

Overridden any nonscrapbox Recipe producing IC²-Dusts, with my own ToolTipped Dusts (or the ones you set the Unification for).

12/27/2012 V2.72c

Fixed some Bugs.

Added some Liquid Effects to the Liquids.

12/26/2012 V2.72b

Fixed some Stuff.

Improved OreDictUnification, with some IC²-Machine-Recipes

Fixed your Sandstone Exploit.

12/25/2012 V2.72a

Added Cells for five of the most important Liquids of other Mods (Bio Diesel, Diesel, Oil, Creosote and Biomass)

Added Semifluid Generator for anything what is something between a Liquid and a Solid. (Sodium, Creosote, Oil and Biomass for example)

Added Invar Ingot (Idea from Thermal Expansion). Its Heat Resistance will be used in some of the Generators.

Added Config to determine the Direction of OreDict-Unification.

Fixed some Bugs ofcourse.

12/24/2012 V2.71b

Fixed negative Tank Capacity of the Electrolyzer (happened by making it PSI-Compatible, and accidently changing the wrong Value)

Fixed Autocrafting-Dupe-Glitch, which happened due to my attempt to fix Container Items.

12/23/2012 V2.71a

Fixed some of my Bugs.

Fixed the Recipes of IC2, which were conflicting with Redpower.

if Redpower is installed, then all my Gems and Ingots in my Recipes will be overridden by the Redpower Gems and Ingots. You can convert old Items, via OreDictionary-Unification. That's no Modification of Redpower in any Way. I just made IC2 and GregTech nicer to Redpower.

Added Thermal Generator.

12/23/2012 V2.70d

Fixed the 2 Bugs mentioned above.

Workaround for Handsaw not being usable in Autocrafting Table at all, by adding an almost Identical Sawmill Recipe only for cutting Silicon Boules, to enable simple Automation, until I find out what is wrong with my Autocrafting Table (except for the Container Item Stuff).

12/23/2012 V2.70c

Fixed a critical Bug, with my ITNT/Nuke-Fix.

12/22/2012 V2.70b

Mainly Bugfixes.

A Config option for making Blockbreakers more expensive, which is OFF per default.

Added Wolframium Grinder as an equivalent to the Diamond Grinder.

12/22/2012 V2.70a

No Changelog, only was an update for 1.4.6

12/21/2012 V2.61d

Okay then 2.61d will be the last release for 1.4.5. I didnt change much, only Code, so I skip the Changelog

12/21/2012 V2.61c

Added Liquids for all my Cells except Carbon

Electric Autocrafting is now only 2500EU per Craft (500EU for Dustpiler and Unificator)

I think I fixed the Computercube-Access of the GUI for SMP (you know that internal Server Error, when you open the GUI of a ComputerCube, which doesnt belong to you)

12/20/2012 V2.61b

Added Gas Turbines for Nitrogen, Methane, Hydrogen and Air Cells, and removed Fuel Can recipes from them of the Centrifuge.

Added all the reported Oredict-Stuff to my List, tell me if I missed something.

Oh and the Gas Turbine outputs at 16EU/t

12/19/2012 V2.61a

Added Diesel Generator:

Forestry Biofuel (not Biomass!) = 32000EU

BC-Fuel = 196000EU

Fuelcans of IC² = +25% of the normal Burnvalue for regular Generators

Coalfuel and Biofuel Cells of IC² also a +25% bonus and you get the Cells back.

If a Mod adds IC²-Coalfuel or IC²-Biofuel as Liquid, you get an extra Bonus for using the Liquid variant.

12/17/2012 V2.60d

Fixed Double Chests and my Automation Devices

Fixed Critical Bug in my Item Overloader, which caused many Problems, including the ones with Language Packs. (I had internal Problems, which I fixed somehow hardcoded)

12/16/2012 V2.60c

Fixed a serious exploit, by replaceing a plus with a minus.

Added Machine Hulls. They are just like Machine Blocks, but only available as Item (no Block format).

Added "Machine Parts". They are dropped by wrongly dismantled Machines (Wrench fail or usage of Pickaxe), and are used to create Machine Hulls (but they are pretty cheap).

12/14/2012 V2.60b

You now HAVE TO WRENCH my Machines. If you dont, then its clearly your fault, when receiving nothing!

Added "Error-Message" to the GUI of my Machines, which need constant Energy. That Message goes away after successfully producing something, or after restarting the Game (what mostly leads in the Message immidietly coming back, as your Power Line is still crap).

Added Biomes of Twilight Forest (almost wanted to say "Twilight Forestry"), to my Worldgen Lists.

Made Autocrafting Table a bit more Time Efficient and +150% more Lagfree.

12/12/2012 V2.60a

for IC²-1.110-Official-Release. Could contain minor Bugs. Wrenching for dismantling will work in next Version, until then you can use your Iron Pickaxe.

12/11/2012 V2.55b

Added Dust piling Mode to Autocrafting Table, which is like the 2x2-Packager, but ONLY for my tiny Piles of Dust.

12/11/2012 V2.55a

fixed Isotope Cells in ComputerCube

Added Thermal Expansion Support for some Machines (btw. Did you know that TE has a Config to let the Pulveriser/InductionSmelter cost additional 2 Diamonds?)

Added Oredict Unification for the Autocrafting Table

Made Forestrys Bronze Recipe create 2 Ingots instead of 4 (+Config as GregTech-Internal exploits via Centrifuge are fixed in that regard)

Fixed Bucket Recipes of Metallurgy making it possible to create IronConverters for Ingots, which are not only inside the Mod itself.

Adjusted Modloading order of GregTech a bit, to be sure it loads after the most important Mods.

12/9/2012 V2.54c

A Message, when you play this Addon the first Time.

Capelists now a bit better updated.

Added Ashes. Its basically a replacement for Slag. Did you know that Foretry doesnt use the Oredict for making Fertilizer out of Ashes?

Adjusted the Bronze-Problem a bit.

12/8/2012 V2.54b

Added a few Wooden Maceration Recipes.

Fixed a Bug with the ID-Resolver and Energy Storage Items.

12/7/2012 V2.54a

Added Industrial Sawmill (small Multiblock Structure). It is for processing Wood (what a Surprise).

Fixed some Bugs.

Tweaked the Autocrafting Table again.

12/5/2012 V2.53e

Fixed Nuclear Fuels and their 5x Output of EU.

Fixed some minor Bugs.

Made Autocrafting Table more intelligent.


12/3/2012 V2.53d

Fixed Dupe-Glitch with Barrels of Factoryzation.

Fixed Implosion Compressor not being accessible for Automation on its Bottom (as there are the Casings).

Fixed other Stuff.

12/2/2012 V2.53c

Added some ToolTips.

Made Autocrafting Table a bit more intelligent.

Fixed some Bugs.

12/1/2012 V2.53b

Changed the Way Iridium Plates are produced. Now needs implosion Compressor.

Fixed java.lang.NullPointerException at gregtechmod.common.tileentities.GT_MetaTileEntity_Quantumtank.saveNBTData(

11/30/2012 V2.53a

Added Implosion Compressor. It needs very low Power (LV), as it just moves ITNT around ignites it and collects the Stuff from the explosion.

Major Tweaks to the Autocrafting Table.

Minor Tweaks in general.

11/28/2012 V2.52c

Added two additional End-Ores.

Added Asteroids to the End.

Added some of the suggested Stuff.

11/27/2012 V2.52b

Fixed some NEI-Stuff. Crashes already got fixed a Version ago, but I had to fix that one tiny broken Feature.

Added the most awesome Ore to the End.

11/26/2012 V2.52a

Added compatiblity for Liquid UUM at the UUM-Assembler.

Added a new End-Ore. But dont go there too soon. I currently did not add the Asteroids, and Tungstate Ore is not that Valuable as of now.

Fixed all Bugs I've seen.

11/25/2012 V2.51d

Added GUI to Quantum Tank and made it more expensive.

Fixed NEI-Crash with the most recvent Version. But neither IC² nor mistaqur have fixed it for their Stuff (and uploaded), so I guess you still need the old Version.

11/24/2012 V2.51c

Added Quantum Tank. GUI is currently missing, but you can scan it with Nuclear Controls Sensor Kits.

11/24/2012 V2.51b

Guess what I did.

(Seems to be a water piping system)

11/23/2012 V2.50e

Fixed and Tweaked some Code.

11/22/2012 V2.50d

Added a better Way of doing Stuff in my Code. For example all the Macerationrecipes of Tools and Armors are improved massively, as you are now even able to macerate Gem-Tools of Redpower or Platinum-Armor of Metallurgy. Railcrafts Steel Tools and Armors are ofcourse included, via Oredict.

11/21/2012 V2.50b


Tweaked a few things.

11/21/2012 V2.50a

Ported to 1.4.5 (also the other small Mods)

Fixed isBeaconBlock for Machine Casing Type Blocks, as these shouldnt do that.

11/21/2012 V2.08e

Fusion Reactor + Redstone = Stops emitting Energy

Buffers/Translocators/Sorters are now able to keep track with Induction Furnaces.

11/20/2012 V2.08d

Added Silicon Plate for Solar Panels. Now you need a Blast Furnace to craft Solar Panels.

Added IQuantumChest Interface.

Added some EXBL-Blocks to JackHammers List.

Added API for JackHammerable Blocks.

Added Config for the constant need of Energy.

Added Constant need of Energy to Centrifuge and Electrolyzer.

11/19/2012 V2.08c

Added Jack Hammer in three diffrent Tiers. It can only break Stone, Cobble, Sandstone, Netherrack and Endstone.

Made Aluminium Dust only smeltable in a sufficient Blast Furnace.

Fixed some Stuff.

11/18/2012 V2.08b

Added electric Blast Furnace. You may see, how to build it inside its GUI.

Fixed baturinskys strange Bug, with the middle Blocks of the Grinder. The Water was the problem, obviously as soon as you Block-Update

Water/Lava it gets another ID to indicate that it should now move/flow, and I didnt check for these additional Block-Update-ID's.

11/17/2012 V2.08a

Added Industrial Grinder, it can only macerate Ores. Its a Multiblock Structure, so you need much space for it. The Multiblockconstruction can be shared between up to 4 Grinders, what is just like upgrading the Machine. It needs 12800EU at 128EU/t to process the Ores.

Added Machine Casing in 3 diffrent Tiers.

Added Steel and Brass Blocks.

Fixed a few Bugs.

Made Diamond Drill more expensive.

Added ridiculous alternate Recipe for Macerator, which saves 0.5 Diamonds at the cost of Steel/Refined Iron, but only if you craft two Macerators.

11/16/2012 V2.07c

Fixed Capes

Fixed Diamondmaceration

Fixed Beacon-Blocks

11/14/2012 V2.07b

Added reverse-Macerating for many Tools and Items, and autodisabled Tinbucket, Bronzecart, Steelcart and Bronzebucket

Added Steel Dust/Ingot, its recipe is only enabled if Railcraft is NOT installed.

Fixed Sorter outputting Stuff into the opposite side.

11/14/2012 V2.07a

Added Crop Harvestor.

Added Scrapboxinator. It was planned to turn anything into Scrapboxes with it, but due to a minor malfunction it just unpacks Scrapboxes.

Added Diamond Blade as new Component for a few Machines (currently only Crop Harvestor, but you can guess what the Sawmill will need).

11/13/2012 V2.06c

Fixed a bunch of Clientside Bugs, including Progressbars and MetatileEntity-GUI's (it updates on Rightclick, so the Texture is may Adv Machine until you click).

Added additional Drops for some Ores. You will see them, when you harvest them. I have to update the Wikipage about it, as I changed something to the Drops. And yes, they are Fortune-Compatible (like Flint should be for Gravel)

Minor Tweaks.

11/12/2012 V2.06b

Fusionreactor outputs empty Cells in the same Slot as the regular Output, you just have to grab it automatically.

Fusion is buffed, 2 times longer and 8 times more Energy. Now you need a Supercondensator to run it properly.

Added small Dusts of pretty much everything. 4 of them make a full one. Some of them even have special Recipes.

11/11/2012 V2.06a

Added Industrial Electrolyzer, crafted of Extractor, Magnetizer, IC²-Electrolyzer, Tier-IV-Circuitry and Aluminium or Refined Iron

Moved tons of Recipes from the Centriuge to the ~10 times faster Electrolyzer.

11/10/2012 V2.05c

Added a ton of Dusts, Ingots, Ores n' Stuff. Some of them are currently unobtainable.

Added Log-Spam for unknown Dusts and Gems as well.

Added green Sapphire to the Drops of regular Sapphireore.

11/10/2012 V2.05b

Added Lead Ingots and Dusts.

Added Metallurgyores to compatiblitylist.

Added Electric Item Cleaner to suck up Items in front of it at 2EU per single Item.

Fixed Fusionreactor.

11/9/2012 V2.05a

Added Cloakingdevice, which grants 100% Invisiblity when worn (the 10Million Charge holds for just 50 seconds), its Recipe is a bit temporary.

Added a new Component, the monitor. Its now used for Computers and similar Devices.

Added Oredictsupport for the Miner of IC². When your log says, that there is an unknown Ore, please tell it to me. It will still be registered at the Miner, but with a Value of 1

11/7/2012 V2.04b

Added Tungsten Dust, Diamond Dust (now needed for the Rockcutter), Tungsten Ingot (from centrifuging Lava) and 6 completly useless dusts, which arent my fault as these are perparation for EcsWhyCraft.

Added Lazurite Chunk as replacement for Lapisblocks in some recipes like the one form the LESU or the Lappack.

11/6/2012 V2.04a

Fixed Creativetabs of the Blocks.

Added Langfile for Items and Blocks.

Fixed a few other crashes.

11/5/2012 V2.03c

Various fixes


Added Saltpeter to the output of the Soulssand-Centrifugation

11/4/2012 V2.03b

Added Pyrite-Ore in the Nether. The Pyritedust is like the one from centrifuging Lapis and gives you 1/3 Irondust and 2/3 Sulfur.

Fixed Oredictionarynames from those Hipsters, who think "itemDust" is the correct prefix, by reregistering those with a "dust"-prefix.

Textures of a few Blocks were slightly changed.

11/4/2012 V2.03a

I will adjust the Exception thrown when a nullpointer occurs to mention ID-Resolver, and i will use the BlockID inside the Block instead of my Configvalue.

11/3/2012 V2.02c

After seeing a random Modspotlight, i added Electrum Ingot/Dust. Crafted out of Gold and Silver Dust. Electrum is now used instead of Gold inside my Machinerecipes and instead of Silver in the cheaper Circuitry. That was the use for Gold i was looking for.

11/3/2012 V2.02b

Fixed mistaqurs Problem probably

Added Mortar to make Dusts out of Ingots/Coal. Not all Ingots are possible, some are too dense.

11/3/2012 V2.02a

Added ElectricSorter. Works similar to the Translocator, but has a variable second Outputfacing for the sorted Items.

11/2/2012 V2.01c

Added Rockbreaker! An electric Cobblegenerator.

11/2/2012 V2.01b

Btw. GregTech-Sensorcards are now added as of V2.01b.

11/2/2012 V2.01a

Added two new Blocks for Automation, the Advanced Translocator, which works like Sneakypipes, and the Advanced Buffer, which is able to put Items into a specific Slot (very usefull for Reactors!).

11/1/2012 V2.00d

shouldve fixed the other two Bugs

11/1/2012 V2.00c

Mainly Bugfixes.

11/1/2012 V2.00b

ItemID's are now massively improved. This Version will be upwardscompatible.

11/1/2012 BETABUILD V2.00a

Oregeneration works fine. Some Rightclickactions of Items (Sonictron, Debugscanner, Dataorb) are broken.

Some Items will no longer work after the next Update. I'm talking about: Dusts, Cells, Ingots, Circuitry and Gems. Basically all stupid Resource-ITEMS (not Blocks like the Ores). I recommend you, to not harvest Gems without Rockcutter or to macerate Bauxite, the Items they drop will no longer be valid in 2.00b.

10/31/2012 V1.38a

Added special behaviours, better Textures, Bugfixes and much more to the Automationdevices, and yes the Translocatorfilter-Dupe-Bug is fixed now.

10/29/2012 V1.37c

Finished Automationupdate. HAYO! Now we have simple industrial Automation without BC or RP!

NEW: The electric Buffer! See the Information i gave on the Wikipage for this awesome Device, whichs smaller Version can also be used as some kind of One-Way-Tube.

Added a new ability to the electric Autocraftingtable. It now gives you Tincells from crafting back! Try it with the 2xKNO3-Recipe (K- and N-Cells from Enderdust) to get Saltpeter/Gunpowder

10/28/2012 V1.37b

Fixed a few things.

Added Redstoneoutput for the Sonictron after it finished its cycle (for ease of use)

Added the Translocator. This Device pumps Items out of one Inventory and puts them into the other at the Cost of EU (100 - 400 per Transaction depending on complexity of operation). It has also a Filter.

10/27/2012 V1.37a

Added a few people to the Capelist

Added various Dusts

Added various Cells

Lazurite Dust (obtained from Lapis + Centrifuge) can be used instead of Lapis in most IC²-Recipes.

10/27/2012 V1.36a

Added MetaTileEntity-System + open Sourcecode for MetaTileEntities. LESU-Output tweaked 2 Depleted Uraniumcells can now be centrifuged to 1 Thoriumcell. (so breeding is still better) Apatite Maceratable Quantumchest can now only store stackable Items. If you have unstackables still in one, dont worry, Its not deleting them. seperate Massfabricatorconfig.

Electric Autocraftingtable: Similar to immibis Autocraftingtable, but consumes 5000EU per craft, and accepts up to 32EU/p. It has a small 3x3 Inventory for Inputitems (on the Green sise), a 9x1-Inventory for the Containeritems like Buckets (accessible on the 4 Sides), an Outputslot (red side) for the Items, a 3x3-Holoslotgrid for the Recipe, and last but not least: A Holoslot which is showing you the Output of the Device. Its not much tested yet, but i doubt it corrupts your World.

10/23/2012 V1.35c

Fixed Quantum-Chest-Transmutation-Exploit

Added a few more Configs for the Storageblock-Machine-Crafting, which mistaqur suggested.

10/22/2012 V1.35b

Fixed Quantumchestexploit.

10/22/2012 V1.35a

Added some Platindust- and Leadingotcompatiblity

improved Quantumchest, so that you no longer need an external Filter/Diamondpipe etc for automation.

12/21/2012 V1.34a

Made highly advanced Machineblock a bit more expensive (+ 4 Titanium)

Added Enderpearl Dust and Endereye Dust. The later one can be used as Amplifier, like the Gemdusts.

Added uses for Blazepowder, Netherwart, Terrawart and Enderpearls

10/20/2012 V1.33b

NOTE: This really is 1.33b, the forum post has a for 1.32b. The does report this as version 1.33b.

EBXL-Support probably added

Be-Cells now have a use in thick Neutronreflectors instead of Copperplates.

10/20/2012 V1.33a

Added Extractorrecipes for emptying my Cells, in case they are too useless for you.

Added Dusts for all four Gems (1 Gem => 1 Dust). Why four, you ask? Because Eloraam needed to change her Emerald with the following comment:

Quoted from "Eloraam"

It was always supposed to be green Sapphire

Added Chrome! Not Google Chrome but Chrome the Metal! Its used for highly advanced Machineblocks, which replace some normal Advanced ones in some Hightech-Recipes. Those Machineblocks have a Blastresistence of 250. You can aquire one Chromedust by centrifuging 9 Rubydust.

Added the Gemdusts as 50000-Amplifier for the Massfabrication.

10/19/2012 V1.32b

I just fixed a few minor Recipeconflicts and added Mushrooms to the Centrifugelist.

10/19/2012 V1.32a

Fixed Bugs like always (Not sure about Sonictron)

Added use for Fallenbeasts Woodgas-Cells

Added Methane-Cells and Carbon-Cells, which are currently just usable as good Fuel

10/17/2012 V1.31a

Added Supercondensator, which is a SUPA-DUPA-ULTRA-MEGA=>QEV-and-backwards-Transformer. Normal = anything=>8192 EU/t and Redstoned = anything=>1000000EU/t.

Buffed Lightningrod after adding said Supercondensator as Component of it. Now 25 Million EU per strike instead of just 10 Million.

Mostly got rid of the Standardrecipesystem and switched completely to the IC²-Recipesystem (except for the Slabcombinationrecipes, which i never mentioned before).

10/16/2012 V1.30a

Added Titanium (Centrifugebyproduct of Bauxitedust)

Added massive Oredictionarysupport, so in case you use NEI, Forestry, Buildcraft and Redpower together, then DON'T LOOK AT THE CIRCUITRECIPES, i assure you, you will quickly get confused, by all the diffrent possibilities for the Circuits.

Added support for Gravisuite-Components (as soon as Sentimel updates it ofcourse)

Added support for the Olivinecrystal and the Titaniumingot of the Advanced-Alloys-Addon.

10/14/2012 V1.29c

1.29c will also remove the override of the QLegs, as it does currently absolutely nothing.

10/14/2012 V1.29b

Quoted from "Tomcat" greg would you be able to add a option for ore biome spawning into the config file? ect: Rubyorebiomes=2,17,

this would allow us to put the ores where we want them, this would also adds default compatibility with relatively little work for people playing with any of the many extra biomes mods if they take the time to add the biome IDs to the config by hand

Yes, but not in V1.29b as i released that Version right now.

Kane, if you really want to fix the Boots at the cost of the Quantumjump, you have to enable it in the Config.

10/14/2012 V1.29a

- Kane. I fixed the boots.

- Fixed usage of Oredictionary after i tried to add support for the metasensitive Railcraftores

- Added Matterfabricator, what is like a Massfabricator, but you MUST supply Scrap. There is a Config to make it less EU-Consuming, but default is over 9000% more EU-expensive (no matter how the Config is set, you will ever need 33.33 Scrap per piece of UUM). Also you NEED Iridium to craft it, so you should have Iridiumore enabled (or some Iridium in your Storage), when the Matterfabricator is enabled.

- Added DebugItem for my Debug-API-Interface. This Item works also similar, but not as effective as the Golden Orb from Fallenbeast (too lazy to write it in leadspeak)

- Added a few things here and there.

- Fixed random Bugs.

- Still didnt add a Changelog.

- What else did i do? Hmmm... well, i added a Config for the animated Textures of the Centrifuge

10/13/2012 V1.28a

Added Tincell-API and used it in my Oredictionaryhandler

Added Prototype of Block-Debug-API (prototype because there is currently no Debugitem, which uses it) Added a few uses for a few things.

Changed BC-Quarryrecipe to use Adv. Circuit and Diamonddrill, instead of Redstonedust and Diamondpickaxe.

Maybe fixed the Server-Rockcutter-Issue of Immibis.

Still didnt fix Quantumboots

10/12/2012 V1.27b

Fixed Immibis issue by finding out, that that Part of Code was completly useless and deleting it

Fixed Rockcutter-Enchantment still working without Energy.

Reverted Centrifuge-Texture-Effect back to old Version, due to some serious complications with TextureFX and the ultimate omnipotent God of graphical Monsterlag.

Added Oredictionary-Recipe-Sensitive-Uraniumdust for usage with the Centrifuge instead of Ingots.

Changed Nukerecipe to require Quad-Plutonium-Cells instead of Uraniumblocks (if Plutonium itself is enabled)

10/11/2012 V1.27a

Included mistaqur's NEI-Plugin-Code, and gave him Credit in the

Scrapped the just copied NEI-GUI.pngs (and made proper ones out of it).

Made Macerators more expensive (3 Diamonds and an advanced Circuit), because it can double any Oreoutput (even Diamonds).

Tested if the game crashes without NEI installed, and it doesnt.

10/10/2012 V1.26b

Fixed a few but not all Logs, added a use for Aluminiumingots (for Mixed Metal Ingots) and fixed a tiny Bug with my Machineblocks (no torches placeable on them)

10/9/2012 V1.26a

(needed to add this Ore, before Redpower updates) Bauxite Ore

This Ore is commonly found in Plains and Forests. It contains Aluminium! Al(OH)3 (and later also tiny amounts of Titanium), to be precicly. To produce Aluminium out of it, you first need to macerate it, then centrifuge it for a long time, and finally smelt your Aluminiumdust to Ingots. Currently its only used for Windmills as replacement for Carbonplates, but note that all my Storageblocks are preventing Mobs from spawning ontop of them, and Aluminiumblocks look pretty cool.

10/9/2012 V1.25b

Fixed Uraniumcells.

10/8/2012 V1.25a

Added the Playerdetector. It can detect Players in a spherical radius of 16 meters, and has three Modes: Detect the Owner only, Detect everyone else, and Detect every single Player.

10/7/2012 V1.24a

Used IC² 1.107 for compiling

Fixed QHelmet-Poison-Crash probably

10/7/2012 V1.23c

Fixed QSuit-Fix (YO DAWG!)

Tweaked the Industrial Centrifuge

10/6/2012 V1.23a

- New Centrifugerecipes. Including some for filling Fuelcans with Coalfuel, Biofuel, BC-Oil and BC-Fuel. You can disable Coal- and Biofuel for it, by switching the "Tinpincher"-Configoption.

- QSuithelmet-Code improved and configurated

- QSuitchestplate-Code improved and configurated

10/6/2012 V1.22b

Fixed Kanes Servercrash probably. (

10/5/2012 V1.22a

Since Richard is taking ages to fix a few Bugs, i fixed the following two with this Addon myself:

- Double/Quad-Cell-Turbo-Exhaustionbug FIXED!!! (Note that old damaged Uraniumcells will be refilled since i switched it to NBT)

- Neutronreflector rather pulsing than reflecting. FIXED!!! (Now reflects properly)

Note, that i still didnt use frikkin Basefilemodifications to do that. I just overloaded the ItemID's with proper Items.


Plutonium and Thorium as Fuel for Nuclearreactors. Currently only obtainable via centrifuging 16 Uranium.

Plutonium has twice as much Poweroutput and twice as much Lifetime. (So 4 Times more Energy)

Thorium has only a fifth of normal output (1 EU/t/pulse) but five times more Lifetime, making it a less hassle to refuel small Reactors (same Energyamount as Uranium) Produced Heat of a Reactorfuel is determined by its EU/t (at Default-IC²-Config) minus 1 (with at least 1 Heat produced), what means that Thorium has 1 Heat per Pulsetick, while Plutonium has 9 Heat per Pulsetick. Uranium is still the same with 4 Heat per Pulsetick. The Nuclear-Config of IC² does not affect Heat, but still EU/t.

10/3/2012 V1.21b

Balanced a few Centrifugerecipes

Li-Cells can now be used as a very potent Fuel

Made Solarpanels and Computercubes a tiny bit cheaper (Glasspanes instead of Glass)

Hmm i need a few more uses for Si-Cells. TO WIKIPEDIA! =>

10/3/2012 V1.21a

Added a few of MatLaPatates Suggestions. (

Added secret Renderingfeature for me.

Added Configs for Centrifugerecipes

9/30/2012 V1.20b

I just recognized a Bug of V1.19b, which accidently disabled the Dataorbs. Will be fixed in V1.20b right now.

9/30/2012 V1.20a

A bunch of minor tweaks and Recipes. For producing Iridiumplates, you need now to compress the Iridiumore into Ingotform before crafting. Lithium has also a new use for Re-Batteries.

9/29/2012 V1.19b

Tweaked the Texture of the industrial Centrifuge a bit

Added Centrifugerecipes

Made Computercube-GUI only show up for its Owner (Offline-Mode-SSP-People can ever access them)

Removed old useless Code from the Fusionreactor

9/29/2012 V1.19a

V1.19a adds the Lighthelmet! Yes you heard right, a helmet with a LAMP! No Basefilehack needed!!! (only one more BlockID)

Needs 0.5EU/t to function and has an integrated Solarhelmet (shapeless Solarhelmet + Luminator). It's ofcourse not consuming Power, when you are standing in the Sunlight.

9/28/2012 V1.18b

And now i have to release 1.18b, with the new Descriptionset inside the Computercube.

9/27/2012 V1.18a

Added Silicium-Cells (or Silicon-Cells if want to call it like that), which you can get by Centrifuging.

Added configs to disable every single UUM-Recipe individually.

Added more complex Recipe for Solarpanel. It requires now a Carbonplate and 2 Si-Cells.

Terminated E-net-Log, as the "injectEnergy()"-function now accepts at least 1EU from any packet, when "demandsEnergy()" returned true.

9/27/2012 V1.17b

Whoops i forgot to announce my Update to 1.17b.

Also i decompiled it long time ago, i just recognized that it was decompiled.

New Features:

Made it possible to replace the old cheap Nukerecipe with a more advanced one, which is based upon 4 Re-Enriched Cells, 2 Uraniumblocks, 2 Advanced Circuits and an advanced Machineblock. Its replacing the old Nukerecipe, what means that, if there is no Nukerecipe (because disabled in IC²-Config), then it wont add a new Recipe.

9/26/2012 V1.17a

New Features:

Dataorb for storing, guess what, DATA!!! Used like portable Sonictron on Computercubes for Reactorplans (can also store Sonictrondata)

Energybar at 4 diffrent Block-GUI's.


Should now have fixed that E-net-Log-Issue, but i wasnt able to reproduce it, so i dont know for sure.

@Ghost-E-net: As i said, i fixed Ghost-E-net for all MY Machines/Cable long ago. I tested it to be sure, and my Machines were (unlike IC²-Machines/Cables) not ghosting at all.

9/26/2012 V1.16a

Fixed a few Graphical lags

Added Superconductorwire with 0% loss and over 2Billion maximum EU/t.

Added Endstonebased Recipe for the Centrifuge, so go to the End and mine out all these white Stones for more efficient Fusionenergy and Wolfram!

9/25/2012 V1.15c

Quoted from "SteveofDoom"

Also the Lapotronic Orbs and Lapotronpack have had weird damage values and the bar below them doesn't really show how much charge they have.

Also already fixed in 1.15c, try updating. Thats a bug of IC² to be precicely (i decreased the maxdamage to fix it). I think its of the same kind as Shedars wrongly calculated Percentages.

9/25/2012 V1.15b

Fixed critical Bug in 1.15b, which is in the Mod since 1.13a. Generators and Furnaces were causing NPE's.

9/25/2012 V1.14b

Fixed Enchantmentglow, added Creativeitems properly, added Luminatorrecipe for normal Heliumcells.

9/25/2012 V1.14a

Bugfixes, Renamings and a new Component.


Rockcutter: Its an electric Silktouchtool with automatically added Silktouch-III-Enchantment. Will currently not work for cheaters, so craft it manually.

Teslastaff: This Staff is for destroying any kind of electric Armor on your Enemy and should do 20 Hearts damage. It only works against Players, so dont try to attack Zombies with it. And with destroying Armor i mean that the electric Armor just gets deleted! The Staff needs a charge of 9000000EU to function.

9/24/2012 V1.13b

NEI-Bug. I disabled mirroring for the Recipe to enable two diffrent Recipes, but NEI doesnt respect that. Anyways v1.13b adds the indestructible Iridiumneutronreflector, which is a Reactorcomponent and also a component of the Fusioncoils. Also i improved the API again.

9/24/2012 V1.13a

V1.13a: I have now changed most of the Recipes, to contain my 3 new Items. Some Recipes are more expensive, some less. Also the Lapotronic Energycrystal can store 10000000EU (if charged in Tier-IV-Storageblocks). Basically all MFSUs were replaced with that new Crystal.

9/24/2012 V1.12a

The Charge-O-Mat has a 10Million EU Buffer (hence the MFSU in the Recipe)

Anyways i will now release V1.12a. It has Bugfixes and two new intressting Modes for the Computercube.

9/23/2012 V1.11a


Centrifuge. This Device is really usefull at "extracting" Elements out of raw Materials. Its used instead of the Extractor for gathering Elementcells. It needs empty Tincells for some Recipes, but some other Recipes are outputting additional empty Cells instead, which get automatically sorted into the Emptycell-Slot in the Topleft.

Put Tungsten, 4 Clay, 8 Uraniumingots, electrolyzed Watercells, 4 Hydrogencells or 4 Deuteriumcells into the Middleslot, and grab your Elements out of it, after a long Rotationduration.

If you put 8 Uranium + 41 Cells into it you will get 8 Uraniumcells, 32 Neardepleted Cells and a Wolframcell. Dont try to put the Uraniumcellstack into a Nuclearreactor. Its just a waste of 7 Uranium.

9/22/2012 V1.10b

Added industrial Credits with diffrent Values, which are crafted out of 8 of the "lower Value" kind. The Diamond-one is worth 512 Credits, while the Copper-one is worth 1/8 Credits. Silver = 8 Credits and Gold = 64 Credits.

Made Reactorplanner more userfriendly, by adding a Copyslot and Save/Load-Buttons

9/22/2012 V1.10a

Changes in 1.10a: Resorted Reactorcomponents.

Doubled LESU-Store per Lapisblock.

Made Iridiumoreamount configurable

And other Codeimprovements


This works like an advanced Chargingbench. It has an MFSU as internal Buffer and can charge everything what is Tier 5 or less. After charging (or decharging with applied Redstone) the Item, which is inserted at Top or Bottom, it will automatically output the Item into the right Slots, where it can be grabbed out of the Side of the Machine. This device is outputting EV in all directions, when you apply Redstone, so be aware.

When a nonchargable Item comes in, it will be directed to the right Slots. (I plan to use this usefull behaviour in my Base)

9/22/2012 V1.09c

Fixed Minerbug finally, also with my Machines (not only the Ores)

Fixed Graphics and "bukkitlike" Directionglitches (All Storageblocks seemed to be facing down)

Fixed the "-999"-Bug in the AESU.

I think the next Feature will be an advanced and easyly automatizable Chargingbench with INPUT and OUTPUT Slots.

Btw my implementation of ISidedInventory allows you already to put/pull Tools/Batteries/Crystals out of the Sides of the 3 Storageblocks. I think it was East/West for Input and North/South for Output, so you dont need Retrievers for recharging Stuff.

9/21/2012 V1.09b

Fixed Computercube-Modebutton-GUI-Switch and SSD's Reactorplannerbug

Made IDSU-Recipe much more expensive (unless you disable the AESU in the Config).

NEW FEATURE: The Adjustable-Energystorage-Unit

This is a 100000000EU-EV-Storageblock, which has adjustable Output. (Shift)Click on the + and - Buttons to manipulate the Output-EU/t.

It has Armorslots, like every of my Storageblocks.

9/21/2012 V1.09a


The Interdimensional-Storage-Unit for toring 1 Billion EU (per Player) wirelessly and crossdimensional. I tested it only SSP, but it should work SMP. Kane, your Server has so many People, that it would be the Ideal Testingarea for it.

I (mostlikely) disabled with V1.09a any futural Tekkitsupport, until Kakermix asks me personally for permission!

9/20/2012 V1.08b

Fixed planned Items after breaking Computer, because i forgot to implement my own "isValidSlot"-Method

Fixed Phantomitems from Seedscanner

Fixed the amount of Coolant given by Heliumcells. Now its 60k, 180k and 360k.

9/20/2012 V1.08a

NEW FEATURES of the GregTech-ComputerCube:

Click on the "M"-Button of the GUI, to change the Mode of the ComputerCube. Current Modes except the Defaultmode are:

- INGAME-Reactorplanner! Take this Talonius, I did it before you AND its compatible with EVERY single Reactorcomponent, even the ones from Addons!

- Automatic Seedscanner! (must be tested a bit more, but doesnt crash). Put your Seedbags into the left Slots to let them Scan. This Function is designed for any Automationmod, so let you Tubes go into the Top/Bottom of it, and pull the scanned Results with a Filter out of the Sides!


Heliumbased Coolantcells. Six times more effective and crafted with Heliumcells instead of Watercells. And yes in this Version i derped a bit with the numbers, but it will be fixed next time, as i'm now too lazy to compile it again. HAYO!

9/18/2012 V1.06b?

Take THIS random Bug. I just fixed one little random thing, maybe that helps...

I fixed a random Bug with the GUI, which caused it to not properly display the Items. And i currently cant setup a SMP-Server, as i have only one Computer running, and when i connect to myself (via minecraft_server.jar as LAN-Mode isnt working), i have no Issues with the GUI's.

9/18/2012 V1.05a

For the 1.05a Version i made the LESU's Voltage dependant on the amount of LESU-Blocks around it, so that you can actually reach 512 EU/t. But it will explode if you apply too much EU for its Size (as seen in the "hopefully-fixed-next-time"-GUI).

9/18/2012 V1.04a

Quoted from "Kane Hart"

The gui still not updating. I also confirmed and it does say 1.0.3b on load. This again is in SMP and ssp works just fine. but in SMP does not update the gui But it does work still.

I accidently forgot the Text in the GUI (fixed in 1.04a). Are you sure that the animated Parts are not updating? You can test it as soon as i update (so right after this Post).

New Block: The Lapotronic-Energystorage-Unit short L.E.S.U. its a bit Beta, but it works.

Place one Controllerblock and set the Facing with the Wrench (it points currently only downwards on placing)

Then place LESU-Blocks (crafted with 8 Lapisblocks around a normal Circuit) adjacent to it, to increase the Storagecapacity. It has UNLIKE the Industrialcorp-Storageunits ARMORSLOTS in its GUI (which are completly useless for Quantumcharging, due to the LESU being currently Tier-2-Technology...)

9/18/2012 V1.03b

Quoted from "Kane Hart"

Fusion reactor was working last night but since we updated a couple times and such its kind of failing. The GUI is not updating at all for us and once its running and powered it's really broken out. This is all in SMP though.

Double tested it in SSP AND SMP and I can confirm GUI working fine in SSP and updating but SMP seems to not be getting the packet or something.. It seems to actually work though and you can start it and such but you just have no interface to keep an eye on it.

Strange. In theory the normal Vanillafurnace shouldnt display too in that Case. I thought since the merge SMP is now much less of a Problem, and that i fixed it the first time (I had that Bug in the very Beginning). Question: Did you use Bukkit for testing?

Edit: I think i could have fixed it. I tried SMP myself but didnt got that visual Bug. Wait until the OP says V1.03b.