Hydration Cell

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Cell of highly refined water, made from placing a Water Cell into an extractor to make a Cooling Cell and then again to make it into a hydration cell.

Simply right-clicking the cell onto some IC crops will consume some of the water and hydrate the plant for a while, the cells can also be inserted into a Crop-Matron for automatic usage.


Grid Water Cell.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid Cooling Cell.png

Grid Cooling Cell.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid Hydration Cell.png


As well, we recently started experiments with a liquid called H2OEX2, simply referred to as "HowToHex". HowToHex can be refined from basic water by using the patended Extraction device "Dejuicer Device of Doom", created and sold by our co-concern "Industrial Craft Machine Corp.". Fill a metric litre of water (simplifie to the intelligence level of a common employee: a bucket) into a patented "Tin Cell" and refine this cell TWICE within the Extractor. Twice, not once, not thrice. Don't even count to one extraction, unless you intend to proceed to count until two. The four is entirely irrelevant.