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#REDIRECT [[Upgrade#Fluid Ejector Upgrade]]
The Fluid Ejector Upgrade is an upgrade that can be used in machines by placing it in one of the upgrade slots for the machine. It will pump the fluid out of the output of the machine into any available receptacle attached to any wall of the machine. If there are multiple receptacle (fluid pipes, tanks, or machines that take a fluid input), it will output 10mb of liquid at random between all available receivers.
== Recipe ==
For "Fluid Ejector Upgrade":
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=Tin Plate|B1=|C1=Tin Plate
|A2=|B2=Electric Motor|C2=
|A3=Tin Plate|B3=|C3=Tin Plate
|Output=Fluid Ejector Upgrade

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