Empty Booze Barrel

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Empty Booze Barrel
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Type Brewing
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This is the container needed for brewing beer, it has to be placed onto a wooden scaffold and then have water cells, hops and wheat placed inside by holding them in your hand and right-clicking the barrel.

Fermentation will then begin and the outcome will depend on the ratio of the ingredients and how long they've been sat in there.

Using a treetap on the barrel will stop the fermentation and allow you to fill up stone mugs, fermentation will continue after the tree tap is knocked off.

See this forum thread for more info.


Grid Wooden Planks.png
Grid Rubber Wood.png
Grid Wooden Planks.png

Grid Empty Booze Barrel.png


List of First Words:

1 ingredient : 2 Water Cells = Watery

2 ingredients : 3 Water Cells = Lite

1 ingredients : 1 Water Cells = Regular (This means that this word will be left blank)

3 ingredients : 2 Water Cells = Strong

2 ingredients : 1 Water Cells = Thick

3 ingredients : 1 Water Cells = Stodge

List of Second Words:

Any wheat : 0 Hops = Soup

1 Wheat : 1 Hops = Regular (This means that this word will be left blank)

1 Wheat : 2 Hops = Dark

2 Wheat : 1 Hops = White

3 Wheat : 1 Hops = Alcfree

1 Wheat : 3 Hops = Full

1 Wheat : 4 Hops = Black

2 Wheat : 5 Hops = Dark

List of Third Word:

No Fermenting Time = Brew

2 hours Fermenting Time = Youngster

4 hours Fermenting Time = Beer

12 hours Fermenting Time = Ale

Much more that 12 hours Fermenting Time = DragonBlood

Note that if you put a ratio not listed on here, such as 3:2, it will round to the nearest ratio.


6 Wheat, 2 hops, 4 water cells, 2 hours Fermenting time = Thick Alcfree Youngster

12 Wheat, 6 hops, 27 water cells, No fermenting time = Lite White Brew

Current Research

Due to brewing being a deadly safe science some enthusiast have decided to publish there research for all.

quantumleaf7895 Research note's (Input wanted)


The pitgirls are in the arena, spreading the StoneMugs around, placing Booze-Barrels on Scaffolds and preparing the nearby CropFarms for harvest. For all those who just turned their TVs on, keep in mind to exclusively buy your Booze-Barrels for personal use on our dedicated SMNB-Store, crafting them yourselves with a piece of RubberWood, sandwhiched between two Planks is NOT healthy and even less recommended. Exspecially not for kids. Of course, same applies to our 7-ton-SmoothStone-Mugs.

And there the match starts, the bots are on the move and the teams are manning the lanes & farms. Oh, we can spot the team leader of the Scottsbeer harvesting their Hops crop with an amazing PileDriver-move. I've never seen such an excellent harvesting maneuver, these guys know how to get the harvest done, whilst the secondary flank of the Scottsbeer are still harvesting enough Wheat to get their Beer-nilator rollin.

The Scott... Oh, look at that, it appears they're having a slight fight over the Beer recipe?! Now, dear listeners, you can clearly understand the matter, with a possible variance of OVER 200 possible recipes and sorts, I couldn't possibly agree with myself either. Though, now they seem to have settled for a balanced and traditional 1:1 mix ratio of Hops and Wheat, I must say, I love that classic Beer. Still, a strong 4:1er is quite a hit to the enemy team as well, thouh that's dangerously close to the 5:1 potentially killing yourself with a WAY too high concentration of alcohol. As well, they seem to have picked an average solid-liquid ratio, resulting in a total ratio of 1:1:2 (Hops:Wheat:Water). I personally prefer the thick 2:1 stuff, but that's clearly a personal like. Given everything up to 4:1 is actually drinkable in that regard. Now it's time to push the lanes, our dear Scottsman, given the Beer will need quite a good amount of time to ferment into good Ale.

I think that's it, I can't see how the Scotsbeer could even try to recover from that hit. Their Beer isn't even fermented past the second stage and now they didn't even have time to slam the Treetaps into the BoozeBarrels to fill their StoneMugs via rightclicking... and with 3man down...

As well, special report about "Club Rumisgood Odin": Due to the enourmous amount of fan deaths, caused by attempts to self-brew the team's favoured "Big Ol' Rum" recipe by simply throwing Reeds into BoozeBarrels, the team was sued to 3 billion USD, effectively ruining them. They seriously should have told their fans Rum takes long to ferment, exspecially longer the more you put into a Barrel at once.