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First of all, this mod uses:

- SSP Modloader by Risugami (First Risugamis Modloader, then MP Modlader)

- MP Modloader by Flan (Needed for v6.50 and up!)

- SMP Modloader by SDK (Only for MC 1.4_01 Beta!!!)

- More IDs by Shockah (Only for MC 1.3_01 Beta!!! 1.4 includes MoreIDs!)

So, if you want to install this mod, ensure you have these both mods installed with the most recent version as well.

EXSPECIALLY ensure they have the correct version. You know, 90% of "OMG YOUR MOD IS NOT WORKING"-errors are caused by people mixing up wrong version'd files.

How to Install

Standard Version

Now, since you already got the both 2 mods above installed, i don't need to give any installation instructions here, do i?

Just extract the archive you downloaded, drop the content of the "minecraft" folder into your minecraft.jar with WinRar or something similar and don't forget to delete this frikkin annoying META-INF folder.

The download as well includes two txt-files:

IndustrialRecipes.txt has no direct influence on the program, but contains a list of all crafting recipes.

IndustrialCraftConfig.txt is the config file used by my mod. If you place it in the .minecraft folder (NOT into the minecraft.jar), it will be read and change some standard settings. The file is not required to run IndustrialCraft, it will run fine without them.

You can override the standard IDs with those specified in the file. Take note that Modifying the ID values causes your own "version" of the mod to become unique modified, meaning savefiles created with a special ID configuration can only

be loaded with that special ID configuration. Means, if you start with ID configuration A, create a new world, play some hours, then switch to ID configuration B, your world will cause Minecraft to crash, most likely.

Experimental Nanosuit

The "Experimental Nanosuit" is an additional feature you CAN enable. However, consider following:

-To use the full features of the Nanosuit, you will need to copy the fd.class from the Experimental folder into your minecraft.jar. This however, is a base modification and could cause incompatibility with a couple of mods.

-The nanosuit isn't only experimental, but the code is as well. Exspect bugs and funny stuff (try super-bunnyhopping, it rocks)

-The nanosuit is probably imba.

Further instructions of how to enable the nanosuit can be found in the Config. If you only copy the new file into your jar WITHOUT enabling the nanosuit in the config, exspect crashes.

Industrially Improved Pickaxe

As well, there's a folder "Industrially Improved Pickaxe".

If you inject the file of the folder into your minecraft.jar, and enable the new setting in the config file, normal pickaxes will be capable to harvest new ores on normal speed.

If you use the file without setting the config, nothing will change, however, using the new file can cause incompatibility with ToolUtil and other mods.

Activating the option in the config file WITHOUT adding the new file will cause Minecraft to crash, as usual.


The folder "server" can be ignored, unless you want to install IndustrialCraft on your own server.

To do this, first install the SDK MP ModLoader Server (or patch your minecraft_server.jar to become one). You need the server-sided ModLoader MP, don't try the one you downloaded for your client!

Then just drop all content of the "sever" folder into your minecraft_server.jar.

Take note:

IC SMP is currently VERY bugged. Make backups of your worlds or you WILL be sorry. Seriously.

As well, new ores will not spawn in server-generated worlds. It's highly advised to use pre-generated worlds. F.e. you could start up SSP, run around,

exploring 1000 chunks and then use this world as base for your server. Due to tin and copper being spawned alot (in SSP),

you can be sure not to run out of these materials for a long time.

As well, i'm not aware how exactly (IF, at all) the server reads the config file. Changing IDs via the config file can cause major crashes on players trying to connect with a different config.

Keep that in mind.

As well: The Industrially Improved Pickaxe is included in the server download via default. There is no Nanosuit file for SMP yet, though. (Please do not attempt to use the SSP one. It WILL crash)

Problems / Solutions

Problem: After modifying the minecraft.jar, nothing changes. I can't use new recipes and don't find any new ore.

Solution: You probably forgot to install ModLoader as well. No ModLoader, no mod being loaded.

Problem: I've loaded a savefile, but can't find any of the new ores. I can craft stuff of the mod (like the Iron Furnace), though.

Solution: You can't find the new ores on chunks that were generated before installing the mod. Either start a new world or explore new parts of your world, these will contain new ore.

Problem: Minecraft crashes if i place one of the new blocks/machines.

Solution: Install MoreIDs. Or, if you have it installed, ensure you installed the most actual version.

Problem: Minecraft crashes if i rightclick on an already placed machine.

Solution: You're using an incompatible version of ModLoader. Check the descriptions above to see which version is ned for this mod.

Problem: Upon loading, Minecraft stops and gives me an error: "Slot xxx is already used".

Solution: One of the other mods you've installed does have an item/block with the same ID as my mod. Use the config file of IndustrialCraft, to replace the double-used ID with any other ID that's free. Block IDs are 0-255, Item IDs are 256-32000.

Problem: The sprites aren't correctly displayed. They look messy / white / pink-square. or Problem: Upon loading, Minecraft stops and gives me an error: "couldn't load image on index 0" (or similar)

Solution: Some kind of HD-mod/patch is intereferring with correct sprite display. IndustrialCraft is not and won't be compatible with anything besides 16x16 solution.

Problem: Upon loading, Minecraft stops and gives me an error: "No further terrain/sprite indices left"

Solution: You over-modded your minecraft.jar, the game can't handle that many new item sprites / bock textures. Consider removing some mods / setting up a fresh vanilla minecraft.jar .


Question: Bukkit?

Answer: No, stop bugging me already!

Question: Somebody made X but it doesn't work!

Answer: I'm NOT responsible for ANY stuff OTHER people create, not even if it's in direct relation to this mod. This includes config-setup programs,

texturepacks, modified versions, tutorials, videos and quite everything else. If you use stuff of other people, ask THEM if somethign isn't correctly working.

Question: Where do i place the config file?

Answer: This seems to be quite complicated. In relation to your OS and probably in relation to Java settings, the config needs to be either placed:

- in the .minecraft - folder

- in the .minecraft/bin - folder

- in your minecraft.jar

I can't predict which location is ned for your MC, just try them out.

Question: My game crashes upon equipping armor.

Answer: You installed the nanosuit file without enabling in the config.

Question: Can i install this mod with a (TFCs) Mod Manager?

Answer: Nope.

Question: Jetpack isn't working, HELP!

Answer: First ensure you rightclick with a Jetpack equipped to activate it. As well, take note, that OPTIMINE will disable the code necessary for Jetpacks.

Question: Is there going to be any support for HD textures?

Answer: Nope, i'm a fan of 16x16 and will not do anything from myside to create some compatibility for crappy HD versions.

However, you may use this ... sizer.html

Image resizing tool to change the solution of all downloaded sprites to whatever solution your texture pack uses. This should make them work.

I don't take any responsibility for thatway-caused crashes, though.

Question: I've installed the nanosuit file, but minecraft crashes.

Answer: You forgot to enable the nanosuit in the config file.

Question: Is this mod compatible with X?

Answer: Can't tell you. This mod should be compatible with everything that's ModLoader-compatible.

If you get ID match's just use the ID Config added in v1.30 .

Exception: If you are using the Nanosuit expansion, this mod can cause incompatibilitys with other mods modifying the fd.class !

Question: I has blackscreen, you mod sucks, fix UP!

Answer: Either you forgot to delete the META-INF, though i already stated you have to delete it numerous times. Like everyone else around the forum.

OR you used incompatible versions. Keep in mind, not everything is compatible with everything else! This exspecially applies to ModLoader, which is required for this mod.

Question: Will you make this mod SMP compatible?

Answer: IT IS SMP Compativble!

Question: Mod X is incompatible with your mod, fix it!

Answer: As my mod is a clean mod running via ModLoader, any incompatibility is quite unlikely. And if it occurs, it's most likely due to Mod X.

NOTE: ID duplications may occur with some mods. For now you can only hope the other mod to have an ID config file, i will add one to this mod soon, though.

ID Duplications can be fixed with the IndustrialCraft ID config txt file

Question: Which IDs does your mod use?

Answer: Check the IndustrialCraftIDs.txt in the download ^^

Question: Can we have cars?

Answer: NO

Question: Why does it take so long to mine copper/tin or I Can't mine copper/tin

Answer: Enable the industrialpixaxe class/config file or you have another mod that adds tools that is not compatible

Known Errors IC²

No errors at the moment


You need help with IC? Then have a look on our cool Tutorials!

First Steps (Made by OKamilTan)

Wiring (Made by Kingy24)


HEY, did you read the text above first? Well... ok, I trust you.

All versions, starting with v6.37 got the server datas included! In addition they are compatible with SMP.

Download IC for MC 1.5_01 Beta

Download from Mediafire

Download from

v6.50 was deleted, because of some big bugs. Please use the older 1.4_01 version v6.37 for SMP. (SSP works fine aside from crystal charger)

Download SMP-Compatible IC for MC 1.4_01 Beta (Includes Server)

Download from Mediafire

Download from

Download for MC 1.4_01 Beta (SSP-Only)

Download from Mediafire

Download from

Download for MC 1.4 Beta

Download from Mediafire

Download from

Download for MC 1.3_01 Beta

Download from Mediafire

Download from

Have Fun with the Industrial Craft Mod for Minecraft!