Diamond Drill

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The Diamond Drill is an improved version of the Mining Drill, it can mine blocks faster but uses more charge per block than the Mining Drill. The Mining Drill can mine 200 blocks before needing to be recharged, where the Diamond Drill can mine 120 before needing to be recharged. It is made by adding diamonds to the Mining Drill. It can be powered by a Batpack or a Lappack.

It is worth noting that the diamond drill is not unbreakable. If the diamond drill is used when it has no charge it can break.


Grid Diamond.png

Grid Diamond.png
Grid Mining Drill.png

Grid Diamond.png

Grid Diamond Drill.png


This tool may be charged using a Generator of any kind or MFE/MFSU/BatBox. Alternatively, it can receive power from a Bat-Pack.It can also be recharged by right-clicking while holding a battery (hold right-click until it fully charges)


  • Without a Bat-Pack, it can mine 120 ground blocks before needing charged.