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Along with the [[Mining Drill]], you can enchant your Diamond Drill so you can have an unbreakable '''MAGIC''' drill that does things better in some way. Isn't that awesome?
== Recipe ==
== Recipe ==

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Of course, you can now complain about the energy hunger of "a simple tool". But yet, did you realise that the D-765 Mining Drill is completely unbreakable?!
Diamond drill screen.png

Yes, it can run out of fuel, but it will NEVER EVER break(it will, however, burn in fire or lava.)! That's a promise for lifetime!

And if you possibly got some spare diamonds at hand, or just recently crafted some, you can now make an efficient and economic use of them:

Just combine them with the standard version of the D-765 Mining Drill and you will get an amazing device called the D-765 "Diamond Drill", whose mining speed is even faster than the speed of light!

You say it isn't? Of course it is! Do you think we would ever lie to you?!



Grid Diamond.png

Grid Diamond.png
Grid Mining Drill.png

Grid Diamond.png

Grid Diamond Drill.png


This tool may be charged using a Generator of any kind or MFE/MFSU/BatBox. Alternatively, it can receive power from a Bat-Pack.It can also be recharged by right-clicking while holding a battery (hold right-click until it fully charges)


  • Without a Bat-Pack, it can mine 120 ground blocks before needing charged.
  • It can mine obsidian.