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Experimental-Only Content: This information has been updated to the V2.X version of IC².
The most recent version of IC² is V2.8.222.

Coolant is an important fluid added in the Experimental Builds of IC2 in order to make Coolant Cells, and cool Nuclear Reactors in heat mode.


Coolant can be made in 2 different ways, both in the Canning Machine:

See: Crafting Guide

The first method is to put 1 bucket of water into the left hand tank per coolant cell, via pumping it in (using a Pump for example, using a Fluid Ejector Upgrade to push fluid from another machine into the tank, or by shift-right clicking on the canning machine with a Universal Fluid Cell filled with water. Then, you insert 8 lapis Dust into the middle slot per coolant cell, and providing the canning machine has power, it will make liquid coolant.

Coolant can be more effectively made using Distilled Water, so that only 1 lapis dust is needed per bucket of coolant, opposed to 8 with normal water.

Coolant can be extracted from the canning machine using universal fluid cells, but the best method to get it into cells is to put Empty Cells in the top left hand slot of the canning machine, so the coolant will instead go into the cells opposed to the right hand tank. If there is coolant in the right hand tank of the canning machine, it can be pumped or fluid ejector upgraded into another canning machine, or into a Bottling Plant, where with the canning machine in fill cell from tank mode, and empty cell is put in the left hand slot


Coolant can be placed in the world, but this however has no useful purpose other than looking nice. The most common use of liquid coolant is to make 10k Coolant Cells, crafting it like shown:

Grid Tin Plate.png

Grid Tin Plate.png
Grid Coolant Cell.png
Grid Tin Plate.png

Grid Tin Plate.png

Grid 10k Coolant Cell.png

See: Crafting Guide

Liquid Coolant is also used in nuclear reactors when they are active. The heat can be vented through various Heat Vent to the coolant tanks to make Hot Coolant. The hot coolant can then be used in a Liquid Heat Exchanger with a Stirling Generator to use the heat to generate EU. The hot coolant will then be cooled and will become a regular coolant which can be used back in the reactor.

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