Construction Foam

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Construction Foam
Construction Foam ig.png
Grid Construction Foam.png
Type Block

Stackable Yes (64)

Technical Details
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Construction Foam is the ultimate material against mobs and other players.

After it's placed, it will eventually turn into a Wall.

The process of wall-solidifying can be sped up by placing a light source near the foam or performed instantly by right-clicking with a block of sand.

In the meantime, the foam can be walked through by anything, including mobs (although the risk of suffocation or getting stuck in a new wall is high).

You can spray CF with the CF Sprayer too; just toss the foam into a Compressor for spray-able CF Pellets. The sprayer's capacity can be increased with the use of a CFPack.


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Grid Coal Dust.png

Grid Construction Foam.png

Construction Foam

Construction Foam

Note: the recipe is shapeless.


The Foam when solidifies it turns into Wall which is Anti-Explosive. No more Creeper accidents! HAYO!