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Now, sometimes you just need the good'ol Mr. Diesel. For this sake, we adjusted our machines to be capable of producing it, the famous Octanium C++ Fuel,
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brought to you in sweet Tin Canisters. It's heat generation power is roughly 1100% bigger then coal, CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?! OVER 1000% OMG!

And to create it, you just need our three devices from above! And for this reason: Buy them all now, and get a T500-Rechargeable Energy Storation Unit FOR FREE!

Or just craft them, your choice.

To create Fuel, you need.. now... raw oil.

HAH! You fell for it!

Oil is a seriously rare and even further diminishing ressource, only fools would create something from oil!

So, we present you a new way to create Fuel: with coal!

First of all, you need to turn a raw piece of a coal into a more useful form. Use our Maceratron-E-901 to turn this useless piece of coal into some really high-quality coal dust.

In the next step, mix the coal dust with some water. Why? Because the result is supposed to be LIQUID fuel, not dusty one.

Now drop the hydrated coal dust into the Freakin Compress-O-Matic C77 to create a piece of Compressed Hydrated Coal Dust.


For Hydrated Coal Dust:

Coal Dust
Water Bucket = 1Hydrated Coal Dust

For Compressed Hydrated Coal Dust:

Hydrated Coal Dust = 1[[File:compressed_coalball.png|24px|link= Hydrated Coal Dust]

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