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#REDIRECT [[EU charging item]]
== [This item may be from the experimental version if IC²] ==
The next tier of the [[Advanced Charging Battery]]. Can store 4M EU. You can switch between the "Disabled", "Charge Items not in hand" and "Enabled" modes right clicking while holding M with this item in hand.
Exists a more advanced version, the [[Charging Lapotron Crystal]].
== Recipe ==
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=Component Heat Exchanger|B1=Energy Crystal|C1=Component Heat Exchanger
|A2=Energy Crystal|B2=Advanced Charging Battery|C2=Energy Crystal
|A3=Component Heat Exchanger|B3=Energy Crystal|C3=Component Heat Exchanger
|Output=Charging Energy Crystal
(Middle item: [[Advanced Charging Battery]]. Needs fix.)

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