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Sword (5 damage) + Shears as single item.

Deal full damage ever uncharged. (Could not correct, does not make sense --SpadeMan 18:46, 18 April 2012 (CEST))

Silktouch on leaves (drop both blocks and sapling).

Useless stuff

A dark night, you don't have any torches left, and no fuel to heat your house...
Chainsaw screen.png

There's a forest nearby, but even if you have an old, rusty axe... THERE ARE FREAKIN' ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE! Your solution: The C-32 Chainsaw!!

Yes, you heard right, we designed a frikking chainsaw!

It's built with the same components as the Mining Drill, and is as well completely compatible with T500-Rechargeable Energy Storation Units.

With a chainsaw, you never need to fear a dark night without wood, because you can just run out there and cut everything down. The forest! The zombies! That neighbour you've been meaning to kill! ANYTHING!

You can even cut your way through those pesky Cave Spider webs you hate so much, and even get string out of them while you're at it! This amazing contraption can also cut tree leaf blocks useful for making bio fuel—you'll never run out of juice for your jetpack again! (Do note that the chainsaw is SUCH an effective tool that it often completely shreds any potential saplings that may have dropped from the tree.) Along with zombie heads, the chainsaw also can quickly remove wiring. And all this at an amazing speed, HAYO! Of course, the high quality of our products makes the C-32 Chainsaw completely unbreakable, and it will never need sharpening (though you will need an energy recharge here and there).


Since 1.70 the Chainsaw now also works as shears. Just right-click on a sheep. (Please make sure to right click, as we cannot be held responsible for the inadvertent disassembly of sheep due to left clicking.) HAYO!!!1111


Accept battery of any charge level.

Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid RE Battery.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Refined Iron.png

Grid Chainsaw.png


Deal more damage then diamond sword.

T1 electric item with 10k EU internal storage.

Able to harvest any type of slabs.

Won't harvest leaf blocks when uncharged, unlike an uncharged drill that will harvest anything (but is slower than usual).