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Canning Machine
Canning Machine ig.png
Grid Canning Machine.png
Type Machine
Tool Grid Wrench.png
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Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
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Liquid Storage {{{lstorage}}} mB
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Energy Consumption
Max EU Input 32 EU/t (LV)
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EU Storage {{{storage}}} EU
EU Production {{{eu_produce}}} EU/t
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Max Heat Input {{{maxhu}}} HU/t
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Heat Production {{{hu_produce}}} HU/t
Max Kinetic Input {{{maxku}}} KU/t
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The Canning Machine puts food into Tin Cans, which, can be stacked up to 64. It also is used to refill Fuel Cans and Jetpacks.

To start canning, put the food you want to can in the upper slot and the cans in the lower slot and supply power, either by cable or with a battery in the left slot.

Different foods fill a different number of cans, depending on the type of food. The Item List details the different amounts of cans generated for each type of food. Canned food can be stacked, regardless of what food was used to create it, allowing you to stack different food types and save valuable inventory space. Canning "bad" food, like rotten meat, now creates a different type of food can with the subtext "this looks bad". These cans will give the hunger debuff when eaten.

Note: if you're using BuildCraft Pipes there is a bug in IC2 1.337b where the output sides of the canning machine are reversed. So if you want to attach a pipe to extract filled cans you need to attach it to the left side of the machine.

Experimental-Only Content: This information has been updated to the v2.X version of IC².

The IC2v2.1.463-experimental (and likely a few earlier ones, not sure what) uses a new interface for the Canning Machine. This provides it with several additional uses, but is significantly more complex. The new interface has a button in the center which will switch between four different modes. There are also two separate tanks for holding fluids. 1) Drain from Cell into Tank - Fills the right tank with the fluid that was in the bucket or cell placed in the top left slot. |- 2) Fill Cell from Tank - Fills the bucket or cell placed in the top left slot with the fluid in the left tank. |- 3) Fluid Enrich (Tank or Cell) - Enriches the fluid in the left tank with the item in the center slot. Either places the fluid in the container placed in the top left slot or puts it in the right tank. |- 4) Canning - Normal canning mechanisms

The left tank contains the input. The right tank contains the output. Most examples fill the input tank with BuildCraft components. It is not necessary to do this however. Canning machines can transfer fluid from their output tank to an adjacent canning machine's input tank by using the Fluid Ejector Upgrade. Fill the first canning machine's output tank with Mode 1 listed above. Place the Fluid Ejector Upgrade in the machine, and watch the fluid enter the input tank of the next canning machine.

The Fluid Enrich mode is currently the method of generating CF Fluid (using CF Powder) which is used to fill the CF Sprayer. It is also used to make coolant by lapis lazuli dusts


Experimental-Only Content: This information has been updated to the v2.X version of IC².

Grid Tin Casing.png
Grid Tin Casing.png
Grid Tin Casing.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Machine.png
Grid Tin Casing.png
Grid Tin Casing.png
Grid Tin Casing.png
Grid Tin Casing.png
Grid Canning Machine.png


Supply with food items (top slot) and Tin Cans (bottom slot).

Grid Bread.png
Grid Tin Can.png
Grid Canned Food (Opened).png

Please note the above GUI is not correct. There is another Slot for an energy source.

Canned Food is eaten by right clicking on the filled can while holding it, like normal food.

Canning Machines are also used to fill Fuel Cans with fuel cells. Six fuel cells or biofuel ones are required to completely fill an empty fuel can.

Item List


Each can of food restores 1 point on the hunger meter. It also adds 3.2 points to your saturation bar. (A second hunger bar that has no limit and will be depleted before your standard hunger bar).

Eating a can of food does not consume the can; instead, it is returned to your inventory, or, if your inventory is full, dropped onto the ground.

After IC² update 1.109, canning bad food will result in a different type of Canned Food that when consumed, gives the Hunger debuff.

Tin CanTin Can => Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)
Item Amount of cans produced
Cooked Porkchop Cooked Porkchop Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)
Mushroom Stew Mushroom Stew Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)
Steak Steak Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)
Bread Bread Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)
Cooked Chicken Cooked Chicken Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)
Cooked Fish Cooked Fish Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)
Apple Apple Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)
Golden Apple Golden Apple Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)
Raw Beef Raw Beef Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)
Raw Porkchop Raw Porkchop Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)
Rotten Flesh Rotten Flesh Canned Food (Opened)Canned Food (Opened)
Cookie Cookie Canned Food (Opened)
Melon Slice Melon Slice Canned Food (Opened)
Raw Chicken Raw Chicken Canned Food (Opened)
Raw Fish Raw Fish Canned Food (Opened)
Spider Eye Spider Eye Canned Food (Opened)


Input 1 EU/t
Output -
Storage -

Maximum Input: 32 EU/t before exploding. The canning machine does not have upgrade slots and as such does not accept upgrades.


Version Changes
Industrial Craft²
0.90 The Canning Machine, Empty Can, Canned Food and Canned Food (Opened) are re-released. The Canned Food can stack up to 64. To open a Canned Food, it must be crafted in this manner:

Grid Canned Food.png

Grid Canned Food (Opened).png

Canned Food (Opened) once consumed would heal one heart. (There was no hunger bar then).

1.15 Canned Food may now be directly consumed, healing 1 hunger point, and now has an eating animation of 1.6 s (like all other food). When Zombie Flesh and Raw Chicken was canned, it would yield 1 Canned Food that causes no effect.
1.42 Spider Eyes may now be canned into normal food, cleansing it.
1.109 Canning bad food will result in a different type of Canned Food that when consumed, gives the Hunger debuff.


Weren't you ever peacefully exploring the vast landscape and got suddenly attacked by hordes of suddenly appearing, highly dangerous monsters?

Sure, with the right equipment, especially if you are using our precious technology, you can fend these beast off. But somewhen, you get hungry, and what then?

For long travels, you will need abnormous amounts of food. And as everyone knows, food takes up quite a lot of space in every backpack.

Tin Cans can make your life much easier...

if combined with the Unmobile Food Canning Machine GTA4!

This device is capable of splitting ANY kind of sourve into it's basic components and mixing them up to a healthy, yet tasty mash.

As well, it can fill this mash with an amazing speed into tin cans and seal them up for unlimited expiry dates!


Version Changes
Industrial Craft2