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A Bronze Wrench is capable of rotating machines and removing them safely (with a ~20% chance of dismantling the machine into a machine block)(see section below for IC2 Exp). Right clicking a machine face with the wrench equipped will make its output side rotate to that face. Holding shift(sneak) while right clicking will make the output side rotate opposite to the clicked face. It can be upgraded to an Electric Wrench (Note: Must have 100% durability to use it in the Electric Wrench recipe).


Grid Bronze.png
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See: Crafting Guide


To use the Wrench to remove a machine without an output face, simply right-click the machine. Any items or energy stored in the machine will be lost when it is dismantled.

To use the Wrench to dismantle a transformer or a storage block right-click its output/selected face. Right-clicking any other face of a transformer or a storage block will move its output/selected face to the side you are clicking. Clicking while sneaking will move the output/selected face to the opposite side.

The Wrench's removing mechanic will override the machine's interface. Don't hold a wrench when you want to use your machines!

Without the Superwrench 100% mod, there is a chance (Aprox 70-90% success rate) that when you do, the machine will not be successfully removed and instead you'll be left with a gutted Machine Block.

IC2 exp[edit]

Wrench usage failure is now depreciated and both Wrench and Electric Wrench have 100% success rate. Storage machines will only lose ~20% of their stored energy when removed.