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If you want to get your hands on Bibb County Divorce Records, you can look for them at the county Clerk of the Superior Court. Download the correct request form from the superior court?s website and provide the necessary information. You can also head to their office and personally secure the request form there. There is a fee of $10 for every copy of record, which is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the search.

Divorce records are made available for public access because they are considered as part of the public domain, therefore the public has the right to get certain information if they wish to do so. Upon requesting, the requestor should be able to provide at least the full name of the person whose records he or she wants to obtain. Supplying additional information is also encouraged because there is a chance that the records? owner may have the same name with other individuals not related to them, thus making it harder to find the exact record. Additional information such as a person?s age, birthday, address, or job description, to name a few, will narrow down the search results page and increase the chances of a succesful search.

In the event that you do not know which county the records you are looking for are filed, you can head to the Georgia State Vital Records Office. The agency is the office in-charge of maintaing and supplying Georgia Divorce Records. They can also help you identify which county Superior Court has the records you are looking for.

The vital records office started maintaning the state?s divorce records since 1952. Divorce records that were filed prior to 1952 can only be found at the exact county Superior Court where they were filed. The office can supply you a certified verification document that a certain divorce did occure and was made final. A certified copy of a divorce record can only be supplied by a Clerk of Superior Court where the divorce was filed.

A certified divorce record is the only document that is accepted by a court to support the validity of a divorce. A certified record can be used in a legal proceeding, while a verification document can only be used as a reference for information about a divorce. A certified copy is only given to a select few such as the couple, their respective lawyers, and the government. Outside parties, such as those who wish to conduct a background check on someone, are supplied with a verification document.

Another avenue for obtaining divorce records is through the Internet. There are online service providers that are legally authorized to maintain and supply them to the public. However, if you want to get your hands on a certified Bibb County Divorce Decree, you can only get them at the Clerk of Superior Court of the exact county. And before you jump using a service provider you find on the Internet, make sure to conduct a brief background check on them and see if they have a reputation as being a reliable source for divorce records.