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#REDIRECT [[EU storage block#BatBox]]
|storage= 40 000
|stackable=Yes (64)
The BatBox is the most basic energy storage device. It is able to store up to 40 000 [[EU]]. It can accept up to 32 EU/t from its 5 input faces. It can also emit a current of 32 EU/t from its output face.
Like all storage units, its output face is marked by a special texture, which usually faces the player when the block is placed. The direction of the output face can be changed by right-clicking with a [[Wrench]] onto any of the input faces of the block; normally, this will point the output face towards the player, but holding Shift while clicking will point the output face in the opposite direction. Be aware that right-clicking the BatBox while pointing at its output face will dismantle it.
'''Classic Version of IC2.''' This block can charge most energy storage devices. Likewise, it is very useful to implement BatBoxes to both store power from [[generator|generators]] and also as a method of extending the reach of your cable. A typical starter setup of Industrial devices involves a natural generator (such as a [[Wind Mill|wind]] or [[Solar Panel|solar]] array for free energy) feeding into a BatBox with a row of copper cable along the front of the Batbox which feeds the back of your [[Macerator]], [[Electro Furnace|Furnace]], etc (in essence, a T-shaped network). Note that the BatBox resets the cable length energy loss calculations, so they work well to extend your power network; using up to four insulated copper cable segements from the generator to the BatBox and up to four segments away from your BatBox to all your devices without losing any energy. Likewise, they can very easily be daisy chained to extend your storage capabilities.
It can be broken with either a Stone Pickaxe or better, or a [[Wrench]]. However, you need a wrench or [[Electric Wrench]] to reorient it. Take note that the BatBox will lose '''all its stored EU''' if broken.
== Recipe ==
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=Wooden Planks|B1=Insulated Tin Cable|C1=Wooden Planks
|A2=RE Battery|B2=RE Battery|C2=RE Battery
|A3=Wooden Planks|B3=Wooden Planks|C3=Wooden Planks
See: [http://crafting-guide.com/item/batbox Crafting Guide]
|Input=32 EU/t
|Output=32 EU/t
|Storage=40 000}}
== History (IC²) ==
{| class="wikitable"
! IC²
! Change
| '''2.??'''
| Before this version, the recipe of the '''BatBox''' was <br/>
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=Wooden Planks|B1=Insulated Copper Cable|C1=Wooden Planks
|A2=RE Battery|B2=RE Battery|C2=RE Battery
|A3=Wooden Planks|B3=Wooden Planks|C3=Wooden Planks

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