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In this archive will be posted all suggestions, which got closed.

Better looking cables[edit]

Current cables look kind of ugly, who have cable as big as a machine or generator? i suggest them to be much smaller(like centered 4x4 pixels from the total 16x16), and to connect cables to other cables/generators/machines that are near the way fences does connect

this has been done in few other mods also, for instance buildcraft or realistic fluids, and looks WAY better.

- by karlis -

Quote.pngThere is already a mod for other cables and Alblaka said, he won't add such a extension for IC.Quote.png
by Feanturi(closed)

The suggestion was not copied to Suggestions.
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by Feanturi

Building Template Module[edit]

Have you ever wanted a shelter or base but didn't have the time, antention span or health to do so? Now thanks to International Inc. you can! With the Building Template Module! Using the same techology seen in WWII by both the Allies and Soviets you can now construct enitre (predetermined) bases in mere seconds! Just place the MK-VI Building Template Module of your choice on the ground and HAYO! A new building*! Buildings include: Barracks (cheapest and comes with very basics for surviving) War Factory (Comes with coal powered generator, eletric furnace, work bench and basic wiring) Tech Buliding (Comes with most products sold by us, advanced wiring, and terraformers) and the Fort (Comes with all products and has tesla coils and advanced wiring). As more schematics are released we will keep giving new updates! Order it today!

  • Note Building Template Module must be powered first to create building


Quote.pngthat makes the life a bit too easy i think^^ place a block and get a whole base :/ then it isn't the minecraft feeling anymoreQuote.png
by Feanturi(disagree)

Quote.pngAh, but that's just it, it isn't supossed to be easy, to create such a device would require very advanced Tech, it took International Inc. 12 years to create this just for military use. It would need extremly hard to make parts to create such a wonderous device. To make these things work I was thinking you would use something like the thing with TERRA BYTES.Quote.png
by Rjiles(author)

Quote.pngcould you post a recipe example? (Text or Image)Quote.png
by Feanturi(reply)

Quote.pngBase Template

X= Nuclear Generator

Y= TerraFormer


M= Advanced Machine

J= Computer Core

C= Advanced Circuts


The Module is made to have all basic machines to deploy this.


The Computer is in there for you to be able to use a modified Flash Drive thingy you have that has the construction codes for the device to know what you want.

by Rjiles(author)

Quote.pngThink, it's a bit to expensive that way ^^ but lets see, if other users write something too.^^Quote.png
by Feanturi(reply)

Quote.pngI would hope it would be worth a pretty penny, something like this could make you top dog. Work for it!Quote.png
by Rjiles(author)

Quote.pngHow would you put it, cause this is some serious hardware but it would make life in the Nether easier.Quote.png
by Rjiles(author)

Quote.pngHere's a mod, it's kinda what I'm talking about but what I'm thinking of will be bigger and harder to make, look at Flash Shelter,
by Rjiles(author)

Quote.pngIt is a really good Idea but we could also have a block which can make a certain sized area open to construction, you just put the materials in and it places them. You can build say 5 to the front, back, up, and down and you can make blocks that can float, float so that you don't have to go through the pesky deal of making everything exactly how you want it and find out that you don't have enough room and just lost say 12 stair blocks, and some boats that were going to be a water elavator.Quote.png
by Msgt_Iron(Agree)

Quote.pngNope, i think we couldn't need some addition like this anymore, because of the sprite limit.Quote.png
by Feanturi(Reply)

Quote.pngI like the idea as long as you have to work for it. Reminds me of the camping mod. But, if sprites are a problem...Quote.png
by Supersting(Agree)

The suggestion was copied to Suggestions.
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by Feanturi

Colored cables[edit]

I got the idea of having colored cables in IC. And it should work this way: all cables are black by default. A black cable will only send energy to another black cable, and then, a red (random color here) cable will only send energy to another red cable. So you could had compact but separate power lines.


Quote.pngI think, it could be useful, but it would need only more sprites.Quote.png
by Feanturi(agree)

Quote.pngAnother use for damage values? I know they look like my solution to everything, but instead of changing color, the Cable Obscurator could have an ugly stepsister which changes D-values of cables, and right-clicking on them with the EC Manipulator could show Cable #: EU instead of just EU. Or, if we ever resolve the Better Cables issue, those would graphically show different power lines not joining.Quote.png
by myrrlyn(agree)

Quote.pngAt first I thought "Why color them when you can obscurate? Then I continued reading and thought "kick a**! That would solve a lot of wiring issues." But I was thinking that maybe have a slight bleed off with cables next to each other where the currents are in opposition to each other, since that's what would have in RL, the magnetic flux lines would oppose each other but when they go in the same direction it gives a slight boost maybe?Quote.png
by zatty(agree)

The suggestion was copied to Suggestions.
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by Feanturi

Extract flint from gravel[edit]

Extractor should be able to extract flint from gravel blocks.

- by Jur1121 -

Quote.pngIt is already possible to make flint out of gravel. only try some more ;)Quote.png
by Feanturi(disagree)

The suggestion was not copied to Suggestions.
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by Feanturi

Fully Automated Charger/Generator[edit]

Moved to Archive. As a header indicates my idea is based upon automated generating and/or charging RE batteries.
Currently there are few generators that generate and charges batteries but we have to manage them by ourselves. They have few disadvantages which are:

  1. We have to manually provide uncharged RE batteries to generator
  2. We have to constantly generators with some kind of fuel depending on type of generator
  3. Generators after charging RE batteries are ejecting them which is good when we stand near the generator. If you will forget about charged battery lying on the ground it will disappear after some time.
  4. And probably some other problems

Making Automated generators would fix all of listed problems. How would that Automated Generator work? It would take all things that he needs and charge batteries by itself. It would also put charged ones into storage. It could be built like this:
I - refined iron
A - advanced circuit
M - advanced machine
G - any sort of generator
L - lapis lazuli block
C - cable


I think it could be activated by redstone or by cable from bottom or top.
Making this kind of machine would make life in IC much easier.


Quote.pngDawixx wrote:
Generators after charging RE batteries are ejecting them which is good when we stand near the generator. If you will forget about charged battery lying on the ground it will disappear after some time.Quote.png

You can change this configuration in IndustrialCraftConfig.txt. I think a automated Generator isn't useful. Why to charge thousand of Batteries?Quote.png

by Feanturi(disagree)

Quote.pngIf you just place a chest next to the generator then when one is charged it goes there automatically.Quote.png
by LordZeer(disagree)

The suggestion was not copied to Suggestions.
0 agreed | 2 disagreed

by Feanturi


So i made a jetpack a while ago thinking it would be cool to be able to fly around everywhere but all it does is let you jump a few blocks higher... I think it would be more useful if it did let you go up continuously with it.


Quote.pngYou are wrong, you can fly with it everywhere. But you have touse it right ;)Quote.png
by Feanturi(already implemented)

The suggestion was not copied to Suggestions.
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by Feanturi

Nether tech[edit]

So I was sitting in Nether and noticed that there are no effective nature using generators (only windmill, but placing it is extremelly dangerous). So, why not make Nether challenge more usefull?

First, add ability to craft the Nether industry block (combine netherrack and refined iron bar). Then, add the special nether generator that must be placed in lava (deeper is better. More lava blocks surrounding it is better). Also, the second nether generator that burns netherrack and makes power. And if possible, the transmitter that moves energy from the earth world to nether through some secret stuff. (Note: All those blocks will have nether undustry block in the recepie)

DrNightKOT 20:25, 26 May 2011 (CEST)

Quote.pngWell, i think nether is more than enough implemented (glowstone) and why to waste sprites for generators in nether? :/Quote.png
by Feanturi(disagree)

Quote.pngYeah, the Nether in its current state is pretty underwhelming, and the only advantage of using it would be the massive amounts of lava to use in geothermals. Perhaps we could spare ONE sprite for this--surround an obsidian block with seven cables, with a flint/steel on the top, makes a portal cable. Place one end on Earth, and the other spawns on the corresponding block in the Nether. Make your geoplant there, and run cables back to Earth using those. No special recipes or materials besides that. Cue Alblaka opening the portal-block code, crying, and saying, "Screw you guys, I'm going home. Stop being lazy and do bucket runs, for all I care."Quote.png
by myrrlyn(disagree)

Quote.pngRight now, their is really nothing to do in the nether but take some glowstone or some netherrack and soulsand for decorative purpose (or gathering lava for the more courageous) im against any industry nether-like in that state of developementQuote.png
by OKamilTan(disagree)

The suggestion was not copied to Suggestions.
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by Feanturi

Various Vehicles[edit]

I think that you should add the abilities to craft cool vehicles such as ATV's, cars, trains and submarines. It would be a very cool addition and would open lots of options in the future. And they don't even have to be that complicated. Just as an example you could craft a car wheel or ATV wheel by surrounding an iron ingot with rubber. Here are some recipe examples:

ATV Body


C = Circuit
E = Electric Furnace
I = Iron/Refined Iron Ingot
G = Glowstone block
R = Generator

I think this would just be a cool thing to add. I am always in a position where I want to get to another part of the map faster and mine carts are a hassle to get set-up working!

Maybe just start out with something simple and see what kind of response you get, then maybe expand. Just a thought!

Thanks for the consideration! - Bryan847

Suggestion for Industrial Craft:
-Mining vehicle (mining a 2×2 area in front of it. Taking damage over time from usage. Needing repairs after a while. Using Fuel)

-Steamboat (Using coal or gas as fuel. taking DOT. Needing repairs)
Please just give it a thought. Dregre.

Quote.pngVehicles were already denied by Alblaka^^Quote.png
by Feanturi(disagree)

The suggestion was not copied to Suggestions.
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by Feanturi

Weather Control Device[edit]

Since the terraformer doesn't affect the Biome's weather I was thinking of a Weather Control Device (maybe another terraformer blue print?) It can alter the weather in a Biome effectively changing it from or to desert/forest/snow and/or controlling when the weather occurs even making it constantly rain/snow/thunder (the second part is probably much more feasible). I would think it would look like an antenna or radio tower-ish. If not then a blue print for the terraformer that alters the weather pattern or invokes the weather.
For the top



for the base of the tower



B = battery
I = refined iron
AC = Adv. Circuit
T = Terraformer
C = cable

Blue Print





Weather Invoker


E = Ice
W = water
D = Dirt and/or sand
B = Blue Print (empty)
S = Snowball

Quote.pngFirst of all use the terraformer and second, maybe it will later cause rain or snow or thunderstorms.^^Quote.png
by Feanturi(disagree)

Quote.pngI like the idea of a weather control device, but only if it's just that. I'd expect it to have an effective range in a radius or square around it. When activated, the user is given a GUI similar to the map's appearance and they select a location to strike with lightning, it rains everywhere else for the duration of the localized thunderstorm.Quote.png
by Jeffman12(disagree)

The suggestion was copied(already implemented) to Suggestions.
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by Feanturi