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The Advanced Miner is an upgraded version of the Miner. Unlike the Miner, it does not require Mining Pipe, a Mining Drill, or OD Scanner/OV Scanner to function, relying solely on power.. An additional feature of the Advanced Miner is a black/whitelist function. The mode of this can be toggled by a button in the GUI. In Blacklist Mode, any blocks placed inside the GUI will not be mined by the Advanced Miner, and will be ignored. In Whitelist Mode, any block inside the GUI will be the only blocks mined, and all other blocks will be ignored. The blocks specified are based on what they drop, but are also compatible with Silk Touched ores. For example, on Blacklist Mode, when Redstone Dust or Redstone Ore is in the GUI, no Redstone Ore will be mined. It is worth noting that the slots inside the GUI are not storage spaces, they are only used for the filters. A Chest or similar inventory placed above the Advanced Miner will automatically collect the items, not needing an Ejector Upgrade.


Grid Advanced Alloy.png
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To activate the Advanced Miner, simply give it a Redstone signal, for example a Lever. For a more compact setup, you can use the Redstone Signal Inverter Upgrade Once supplied with power, the Advanced Miner will dig up all blocks beneath it in a 9x9 area centred around itself. An inventory placed above the Advanced Miner is necessary to output the items. Additionally, there is a button that looks like Coal Ore in the GUI, clicking that will toggle Silk Touch mode, however when Silk Touch mode is enabled, the Advanced Miner will consume significantly more power.


Max Safe input: 512 EU/t

Storage: 4,000,000 EU

Because of the large storage, the Advanced Miner will retain 80% of the contained EU once picked up with a Wrench.