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#REDIRECT [[Advanced Machine Casing]]
|stackable=Yes (64)
An '''Advanced Machine Casing''' is a resource block in IndustrialCraft², used as a crafting component for any machine too powerful and/or complex to be made using a [[Machine Block|Basic Machine Casing]].
== Recipe ==
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=Refined Iron Plate|B1=Carbon Plate|C1=Refined Iron Plate
|A2=Advanced Alloy|B2=Machine|C2=Advanced Alloy
|A3=Refined Iron Plate|B3=Carbon Plate|C3=Refined Iron Plate
|Output=Advanced Machine
== Usage ==
Advanced Machine Blocks are crafting components for the following (as of v2.6.107):
|{{Gc|MFS Unit}}
|[[MFS Unit|MFSU]]
|{{Gc|MFSU Upgrade Kit}}
|[[MFSU Upgrade Kit]]
|{{Gc|Thermal Centrifuge}}
|[[Thermal Centrifuge]]
|{{Gc|Induction Furnace}}
|[[Induction Furnace]]
|{{Gc|Advanced Miner}}
|[[Advanced Miner]]
|{{Gc|Mass Fabricator}}
|[[Mass Fabricator]]
|{{Gc|Pattern Storage}}
|[[Pattern Storage]]
|[[Reactor Coolant Injector (RSH)]]
|[[Reactor Coolant Injector (LZH)]]

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