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Compatible mods[edit]

Name Version MC ModLoader Notes
TooManyItems v1.0.0 1.0.0 Not Necessary Modloader is only used for auto-refreshing infinite stacks without opening your inventory screen
Single Player Commands v3.0.1 1.0.0 no In order to /give IC items (ID 30xxx), add 256 to the item ID. Example: if the IC ID is 30256, the SPC ID is 30512.
BuildCraft v2.2.11 1.0.0 yes The automated machines feature is compatible with IC machines. If you need to feed something to the middle slot of a machine, do so from the top.


Name Version MC ModLoader Notes
MedievalCraft v0.99375_02 1.6.6 yes Conflicts with the Industrially Improved Pickaxe (at.class) - disable the improved pickaxe and then install MeC over IC. Default IDs conflict with IC. This mod will not be updated anymore and will not be compatible with current versions of IC2.
Zombe's modpack v5.8 1.0.0 no Fly mod conflicts with the Nano Suit (gq.class) - install Zombe after IC if you want the fly mod, install IC after Zombe if you want the nanosuit

Incompatible mods[edit]

Name Version MC ModLoader Notes